The XFS filesystem has been around for nearly 20 years. It was first introduced by

Silicon Graphics, (RIP) for their Unix based operating system IRIX. It was designed to scale to systems with 1TB of shared memory and 512 CPUs (SGI Origin 3000 and Onyx 3000), there was one of these beasts in Manchester Computing when I worked there and you could walk through the middle of the machine!

As such XFS was fast and scalable. The filesystem was ported to Linux many years ago and it’s my filesystem of choice on Linux.

Time has moved on and there are some new kids on the block Btrfs and ZFS, unfortunately there are licensing issues using ZFS on Linux. Brtfs and ZFS use Copy on Write (COW) which allows them to support sub-volumes and snapshots. However, it looks like some very clever work is going into XFS to allow it to support sub-volumes and Snapshots too

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