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6 months and counting

Joining WANdisco I wasn’t sure what to expect and arriving at the door I was a bundle of nerves. After 6 months those first day nerves are long gone. In fact they disappeared almost immediately on day one. From team members in the Belfast office and those further afield there was no shortage of friendly […]

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Premature Optimisation is the root of all evil…

This phrase is a bit of a cliche by now and perhaps miss used too. Most people attribute it to Donald Knuth ( but actually it was by Tony Hoare (, who worked for a while in Belfast at Queen’s University Belfast. Knuth made the phrase famous in his paper “Structured Programming with GO TO […]

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Max Madness :-)

A lot of C programmers will recognise this: It’s a macro for determining which is bigger, A or B. It will work for lots of different types and was originally come from The C Programming Language by Kernighan and Ritchie. There is a really interesting discussion on the “max” macro on LWN, Who knew […]

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