Innovation driven by Positivity and Respect

The success of any product depends heavily on collaboration.

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Written by Sinead McLaughlin • 25 Jan 2019 • 2 min read • Last updated 2 months ago

Here at WANdisco we continue to challenge what is thought of as being possible and how companies structure and interact with their data. However overcoming these challenges and developing groundbreaking solutions doesn't just happen by chance. It also doesn't happen because of any one single person or team. Even sheer luck will only take you so far. With the continued success of our LiveData Platform and with the release of new solutions such as LiveData for Multi-cloud, it's obvious to me that something else must be at play.

From the first idea, through development and then live deployment of a product, collaboration takes place across a number of different teams and people. The success of any product depends heavily on that collaboration and it is here where I believe that the respect and positivity displayed by co-workers on a daily basis is key to the innovation seen in WANdisco

It is not a given that any team you are part of will work together successfully and simply having a team manifesto that specifics a respectful environment doesn't just make it happen. The positivity and respect that is driving that innovation is not hard to find our Belfast office and it is a testament to the leadership both within Belfast itself and our other offices across the world.

Emotional contagion(opens new window) is simply when one person's emotions or behaviours are mimicked by another person's. Without realising it, our actions influence those of the people around us and in a work environment are easily transferred up and down the company hierarchy.

It is why I appreciate how fortunate I am to work within a team where everyone has the opportunity to contribute and have their ideas heard and considered. It is something that can easily be taken for granted but it is critical to discovering and being able to produce more effective and scalable solutions to problems.

In Belfast we have a fantastic team and are lucky to enjoy a positive work environment. It is a direct result of the people who are working here, the infectious nature of a laugh and the positive interactions with co-workers. Combined with the underlying respect that people have for each other across the company it is no surprise to me that we continue to be an innovative company and refuse to shy away from developing the next groundbreaking product for our customers.