Happy 10th Birthday Gerrit!

Visiting San Francisco for this years Gerrit conference.

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Written by Trevor Getty • 28 Nov 2018 • 2 min read • Last updated 2 months ago

I will start by saying "Happy 10th Birthday Gerrit!"

I have just spent a wonderful week in San Francisco for this years Gerrit Conference. It just happened to also be the 10th anniversary since the start of the Gerrit 2.x project(opens new window) .

It was a great event, and a real "users" event, run by the community for the community.

This event was just what I needed, it allowed me to network with maintainers, contributors and users alike. Swap experiences, stories and maybe the odd Gerrit joke!

It is always great to put a face to a name, and now I know better the people contributing to different areas of the codebase - a real benefit in an open source project.

The entire week was great, from the hotel provided, the limo from the airport and time allowed to unwind before coming home.

I even got a tour (thanks to Michal), of Silicon Valley, the GooglePlex, the new Apple Visitor Center, Stanford University and my favourite venue was the Blackhawk Museum.

The Blackhawk museum allowed me to indulge my own hobby of "classic cars (MGs)", it would be a real shame to travel all that way and not see some nice cars.

The food was great, at the conference, the hotel and in the evening. It was actually very hard for me to actually leave america after such a good experience.

Thanks WANdisco, for not only supporting me in my job but making it such a great trip overall.