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A chance conversation was with David Richards, CEO of WANdisco.

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Written by Trevor Thompson • 26 Apr 2018 • 2 min read • Last updated 2 months ago

Six years ago I had a conversation with an old university friend. We had found each other again via social media. It was great to catch up after all those years. During that conservation he mentioned that his company was always on the lookout for good software engineers. I speculatively asked if he had ever considered setting up a development centre in Belfast. This chance conversation was with David Richards, CEO of WANdisco.

We explored the possibility of setting up in Belfast and David said to me ‘How about it Trev? You can do this.' I had been on the lookout for another job and actually had a few other offers on the table from other companies. What did I do? I chose WANdisco.

I started working for WANdisco in March 2012. Initially working from home for the first three months. InvestNI were a massive help, they backed WANdisco with funding and also helped with finding premises in the Gasworks. This was great for me as I had started to go ‘stir crazy' working from home. Social interaction is a good thing folks!

From there we soon expanded and grew out of those premises after a year. We then moved to bigger premises in the Gasworks after that. 1 Cromac Quay. Plenty of room, superb lighting and it had room for that all important pool table. We have continued to grow and now have 24 employees in Belfast and counting. It really makes me proud seeing the Belfast tree that has grown from that one little seed, the chance conversation with an old friend.

WANdisco is a great place to work and has a culture where everyone ‘mucks in' and helps each other to overcome the hugely interesting and challenging problems presented by distributed computing. With unique and groundbreaking technology we really do have great and hugely talented people working here at the ‘disco!

Did I make the right decision? You better believe it!!