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Joining WANdisco I wasn't sure what to expect.

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Written by Sinead McLaughlin • 18 Apr 2018 • 2 min read • Last updated 2 months ago

Joining WANdisco I wasn't sure what to expect and arriving at the door I was a bundle of nerves.

After 6 months those first day nerves are long gone. In fact they disappeared almost immediately on day one. From team members in the Belfast office and those further afield there was no shortage of friendly welcomes and offers of help to get started. With the all important first cup of coffee in hand (tea also available) I was already well on the way to discovering what makes WANdisco such a great place to work

It didn't take long to experience first-hand the genuine pride the engineers have in the development of its Live Data platform. The desire and passion to develop cutting edge solutions to the problems faced in distributed computing is infectious.

Although I have only been part of the 'disco' team for a few short months I have worked with some hugely talented people, contributed to development of the Live Data Platform and learnt a great deal about distributed computing and its importance for future technological advancements.

WANdisco actively encourages innovation and creativity from everyone so it was easy to get involved and start contributing. Coupled with a bit of Belfast banter I have thoroughly enjoyed working in WANdisco and I look forward to the next 6 months before reaching my first WANiversary