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WANdisco’s January Roundup

Happy new year from WANdisco!

This month we have plenty of news related to our move into the exciting world of Apache Hadoop. Not only did another veteran Hadoop developer join our ever-expanding team of experts, but we announced a partnership with Cloudera, and WANdisco CEO David Richards and Vice President of Big Data Jagane Sundar met with Wikibon’s lead analyst for an in-depth discussion on active-active big data deployments.

WANdisco big data

You may have heard that AltoStor founders and core Apache Hadoop creators, Dr. Konstantin Shvachko and Jagane Sundar joined WANdisco last year. Now we’re excited to announce that another veteran Hadoop developer has joined our Big Data team. Dr Konstantin Boudnik is the founder of Apache BigTop and was a member of the original Hadoop development team. Dr. Boudnik will act as WANdisco’s Director of Big Data Distribution, leading WANdisco’s Big Data team in the rollout of certified Hadoop binaries and graphical user interface. Dr. Boudnik will ensure quality control and stability of the Hadoop open source code.

In building our Big Data team, we’ve been seeking Hadoop visionaries and authorities who demonstrate leadership and originality,” said David Richards, CEO of WANdisco. “Konstantin Boudnik clearly fits that description, and we’re honored that he’s chosen to join our team. He brings great professionalism and distribution expertise to WANdisco.”

Also on the Big Data-front, CEO David Richards, and Vice President of Big Data Jagane Sundar, spoke to Wikibon’s lead analyst about our upcoming solution for active-active big data deployments.

We can take our secret sauce, which is this patented active-active replication algorithm, and apply it to Hadoop to make it bullet-proof for enterprise deployments,” said David Richards. “We have something coming out called the Non-Stop NameNode … that will ensure that Hadoop stays up 100% of the time, guaranteed.”

Watch the ‘WANdisco Hardening Hadoop for the Enterprise’ video in full, or read Wikibon’s Lead Big Data Analyst Jeff Kelly’s post about the upcoming Non-Stop NameNode.

Capping off our Big Data announcements, WANdisco is now an authorized member of the Cloudera Connect Partner Program. This program focuses on accelerating the innovative use of Apache Hadoop for a range of business applications.

We are pleased to welcome WANdisco into the Cloudera Connect network of valued service and solution providers for Apache Hadoop and look forward to working together to bring the power of Big Data to more enterprises,” said Tim Stevens, Vice President of Business and Corporate Development at Cloudera. “As a trusted partner, we will equip WANdisco with the tools and resources necessary to support, manage and innovate with Apache Hadoop-based solutions.”

As a member of Cloudera Connect, we are proud to add Cloudera’s extensive tools, use case insight and resources to the expertise of our core Hadoop committers.

You can learn more about this program at Cloudera’s website and by reading the official announcement in full.

apache subversion logo

On the Subversion side of things, the SVN community announced their first release of 2013, with an update to the Subversion 1.6 series.

Apache Subversion 1.6.20 includes some useful fixes for 1.6.x users:

  • Vary: header added to GET responses
  • Fix fs_fs to cleanup after failed rep transmission.
  • A fix for an assert with SVNAutoVersioning in mod_dav_svn

Full details on Apache Subversion 1.6.20 can be found in the Changes file. As always, the latest, certified binaries can be downloaded for free from our website, along with the latest release of the Subversion 1.7 series.

How many developers can a single Apache Subversion server support? In his recent blog post, James Creasy discussed how DConE replication technology can support Subversion deployments of 20,000 or more developers.

“While impressive, DConE is not magic,” writes James. “What DConE delivers is a completely fault tolerant, mathematically ideal coordination engine for performing WAN connected replication.”

In another new DConeE post, James explains where DConE fits into the ‘software engineering vs. computer science’ debate, and warns “in the world of distributed computing, you’d better come armed with deep knowledge of the science.”

Finally, WANdisco China, a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise was announced this month, following WANdisco’s first deal in China with major telecommunications equipment company Huawei. From this new office we’ll be providing sales, training, consulting and 24/7 customer support for WANdisco software solutions sold in China, and are excited to be expanding our activities within this region.

We view China as an emerging and high growth market for WANdisco,” said David Richards. “It was a natural progression to establish our Chengdu office as a WFOE and ramp up staff there as so many companies have operations in the country. We are excited about this announcement and look forward to the growth opportunities this brings.”

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