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How are you Involved in the Subversion Community?

One of the things we love about being part of the Apache Subversion community, are all the opportunities to get involved in the project. Whether you’re contributing to the actual code base or a related client, GUI or plugin project, post handy tutorials, or help out other users on mailing lists and forums, there’s plenty of ways to contribute to this popular version control project.

In our latest poll, we want to find out exactly how you’re involved in Apache Subversion. Let us know, by answering our quick, one-question poll! And if you were wondering how WANdisco is involved in the Subversion community, we recently stepped up our sponsorship of the ASF and welcomed more core Subversion developers to our team. You can read the press release in full to find out more.

If you’re unsure how to get more involved in the Subversion project, why not join SVNForum.org? This free forum for the Subversion community allows you to connect with other SVN users, post any Subversion queries, and help other people out with their installations. Visit http://www.svnforum.org/forum.php to get started!