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Top Five Features of SmartSVN 7.5

Earlier this week, WANdisco announced the release of SmartSVN 7.5, the popular, cross-platform graphical client for Apache Subversion. This release introduces plenty of new features and brings major updates to existing SmartSVN functionality.

In this post, we cover five of the top new features in SmartSVN 7.5.

1) New GUI

In this release, SmartSVN moves from Swing to a SWT GUI platform, bringing the user improved responsiveness and a native look and feel.

2) Increased Security

SmartSVN 7.5 introduces plugin security improvements, including support for safe password storage with the Plugin-API. Other Plugin-API improvements include higher grade encryption, and the option to validate that the plugin is the same for everyone, by applying a password (note, this is an admin only feature.) These security updates ensure that SmartSVN 7.5 is safer and easier to extend than ever before.

3) Improved User Experience

The relaxation of master password means that SmartSVN 7.5 remembers your password for more activities, cutting down on unnecessary interruptions and allowing you to focus on the tasks that matter to you. Other changes that are designed to improve the overall user experience, include:

  • The option to edit properties directly in the Repository Browser
  • Remove, Move and Copy now operate on multiple selected directories

4) Full Support for Working Offline

Need to continue working on your repositories, even when you don’t have access to the internet? SmartSVN 7.5 supports working offline, with the following functionality automatically available as soon as you disconnect from the internet:

  • Communication streams disconnect when offline mode is detected
  • Remote states and Transactions are no longer refreshed
  • Logs and Revision Graph are performed on the Log Cache only

5) Completely Overhauled Revision Graph

SmartSVN’s Revision Graph displays the hierarchical history of a file or directory, and has similar functionality to that of the Log command (for example, comparing two revisions of a certain file) but with a greater level of detail.

The Revision Graph allows you to instantly see:

  • which changes happened in which branch
  • which revision represents which tag
  • when a file was moved, renamed or copied along with its history

The Revision Graph UI has been completely reworked in SmartSVN 7.5:

Other major updates include highlighting ‘mergable’ revisions even if no mergeinfo is loaded. The ‘Export’ option also exports HTML files with a lot of small graphic files, instead of one large file, leading to performance and loading improvements.

Users will also notice:

  • New menu item for selecting shown branches
  • Tag symbols are now displayed for all copies that are tags (according to the tag-and-branch layout)
  • Preferences option to skip initial configuration dialog after install
  • Bug fixes for the switch View options and Revision Info tool window

Want to find out more about SmartSVN 7.5? The full list of what’s new and noteworthy, can be found at the Changelog. If you haven’t already tried SmartSVN, you can claim your free 30 day trial of SmartSVN Professional now.