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How are you Involved in the Subversion Community?

One of the things we love about being part of the Apache Subversion community, are all the opportunities to get involved in the project. Whether you’re contributing to the actual code base or a related client, GUI or plugin project, post handy tutorials, or help out other users on mailing lists and forums, there’s plenty of ways to contribute to this popular version control project.

In our latest poll, we want to find out exactly how you’re involved in Apache Subversion. Let us know, by answering our quick, one-question poll! And if you were wondering how WANdisco is involved in the Subversion community, we recently stepped up our sponsorship of the ASF and welcomed more core Subversion developers to our team. You can read the press release in full to find out more.

If you’re unsure how to get more involved in the Subversion project, why not join SVNForum.org? This free forum for the Subversion community allows you to connect with other SVN users, post any Subversion queries, and help other people out with their installations. Visit http://www.svnforum.org/forum.php to get started!

Getting Started with Apache Subversion

As the world’s most popular version control system, Apache Subversion has plenty to offer newcomers:

1. It’s an established project – accepted into the Apache Incubator in 2009 and graduating a year later, today Subversion is an Apache Top Level Project maintained by a global community of contributors.

2. Rich ecosystem – Apache Subversion users have access to countless free client tools, GUIs and plugins developed by the community. SVN also integrates with most of the major IDEs, including Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio.

3. Free Community Support – Have a question about Subversion? There’s no shortage of mailing lists and forums (including SVNForum.) In many cases, your question will have already been asked (and answered) by someone else. If you can’t find the answer, you can always post it yourself and the community will be happy to help you out.

4. Professional Support – Subversion has a great community of users who are always willing to answer queries, but mailing lists and forums aren’t always the ideal place to reach out to when disaster strikes your enterprise deployment. At WANdisco, we offer professional support services for Subversion, that includes 24-by-7 worldwide coverage, guaranteed response times, and indemnification coverage, for those who need that added security.

5. Powerful branching and merging functionality – Branching and merging can be a pain-point for Apache Subversion users but, used correctly, branching and merging can be Subversion’s greatest strength. We have some free branching and merging refcards, to help you master these potentially tricky issues.

Apache Subversion has plenty to offer users, but if you’re new to SVN – or even version control in general! – it can be difficult to know where to start. To help newcomers get off to a flying start with Subversion, we’ve just released a ‘Getting Started with Subversion’ refcard. This refcard covers all the essential information you need to get going with Subversion, including what Subversion actually is, the basic work cycle you can expect to encounter, and an installation guide. It then demonstrates how to create your first repository and covers the essential commands – svn checkout and svn commit.

Getting Started with Subversion’ is free to download. We’ll be adding more refcards in the coming weeks, so keep checking back for all the latest Free Training Content.

Open Source Support and Training : Your Options

It’s no secret WANdisco are big fans of open source, but where do you go when you encounter a bug, or your open source project keeps throwing errors? In this post, we cover all the options available for open source fans in need of some extra guidance.

Community support

Successful open source projects are typically collaborative efforts between hundreds, if not thousands of developers. This collaborative development encourages transparent, archived communication through mailing lists and forums, which can be an invaluable (and free!) source of information for the open source user. And, if you can’t find the answer to your question, you can always post it at the project’s mailing list, community forum, or even Stack Overflow.

For Apache Subversion users, SVNForum.org is the place to go to connect with the SVN community. Sign up to discuss everything Subversion, and exchange information and tips with other users. Alternatively, the Subversion project maintains a series of active mailing lists, including the users mailing list where you can post build problems, configuration issues, usage questions, and more.

Professional Support

Open source solutions have plenty to offer, but many organizations are concerned about the level of support they can get from the community alone. Most open source projects have a great community of users who are always willing to help out, but mailing lists and forums aren’t always the ideal place to reach out to when disaster strikes your organization! Thankfully, many established open source projects now have professional support options.

When choosing a professional support provider, there are a few questions worth asking:

1. Do they have committers on the project?
2. Do they cover the hours I need? (of course, 24-by-7 worldwide support is always preferable!)
3. Are they enthusiastic about the project?
4. How easy are they to contact? Do you get a named support contact? Can you dial a number and speak to a real person?
5. Do they have customer testimonials?

As one of the major corporate sponsors of Subversion, WANdisco offer professional support for SVN. Our professional Subversion support includes:

  • Guaranteed response times.
  • 24-by-7 Worldwide coverage.
  • Indemnification coverage
  • Our Enterprise security product, Subversion Access Control
  • ….and more!

And, act before Friday (April 13th, 2012) to get the first 90 days of Subversion support for free, when you purchase any of our one year support contracts.

Enterprise-class support for TortoiseSVN is also available, alongside professional support for uberSVN, the open ALM platform for Apache Subversion.

Free Online training

Over the last couple of years, open source solutions have been gaining popularity within the enterprise, and with all the benefits of open source, it’s easy to see why! Of course, cost is one of the major reasons why organizations switch to open source. With closed source, there’s the initial outlay, but there can also be hidden extras; support charges, the expense of ongoing upgrades, training costs, etc.

With open source projects, not only are you saving on the software’s initial cost, but there’s typically plenty of tutorials, webinars, refcards and articles freely available on the internet, to help out with everything from the installation process, to best practices for the advanced user.

As part of our commitment to the Subversion community, we run bi-weekly free training webinars, covering everything from branching and merging, to running Subversion with continuous integration, hook scripts, and more.

Enterprise Training

Despite the wealth of resources freely available on the internet, there may come a point when an organization needs some formal training to get the most out of their open source software. Successful open source projects are frequently the subject of professional training sessions, but it may also be worth investing in ‘train the trainer’ sessions, so all future training can be performed in-house by your own staff.

At WANdisco, our Subversion training courses are designed to provide the essential hands-on experience you need to increase productivity. Choose from public classes at our training centres; private, on-site classes; and web-based training. Some of the courses we offer, include:

  • Core Concepts – covers architecture and design principles, branching and merging, conflict resolution, and more
  • Subversion for Administrators – gain the background knowledge needed to effectively install, configure and manage Subversion repositories and servers
  • Train the Trainer – designed for customers with in-house training staff

Poll Results: Are You using Subversion 1.7 Yet?

At WANdisco, we’re convinced that Apache Subversion 1.7 is a great release. Not only did it completely overhaul the working copy metadata system, but it added support for HTTPv2 and a new remote dumpfile tool. But, we wanted to know how many of you had already made the switch to Apache Subversion 1.7 – so earlier this month, we held a poll at SVNForum.org, to find out who has switched, who is planning to, and who is content to stick with their earlier release of Subversion.

Click on the thumbnail below to see the full results of our poll:

Thank you to everyone who took part in our poll! We had a great response from the Subversion community.

Do you have a burning, SVN-related question you would like to put to the Subversion community? We’ll be running regular polls throughout the year, so feel free to post your poll ideas in the Comments section or, alternatively, contact us directly.