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Can’t live without Subversion – even for a minute?

Can't Live without SVN - even for a minute?

Enterprise Subversion Webinar by WANdisco

The popularity of Apache Subversion (SVN) as a version control system has grown significantly in recent times and is widely recognized as the sole leader in Standalone Software Configuration Management (SCM). With more than five million users, an increasing share of the market and hundreds of major global companies deploying Subversion for their development needs it’s clear that many can’t live without Subversion – even for a minute!

Subversion maintains current and historical versions of files such as source code, web pages, and documentation, making it a highly compatible successor to various traditional SCM solutions. Subversion is open source (and therefore free), which suggests some of the reasons for its popularity but it also performs and scales in some of the most aggressive SCM environments on the planet where some of the traditional SCM products could not.

WANdisco supports the Subversion open source project in a number of tangible ways and one of those is through providing free training webinars. It’s important that users of SVN are maximising their skill set for their own benefit – and that of course strengthens the Subversion community in the process.

The suite of Subversion training courses provided by WANdisco caters for developers and administrators from many different sectors but our latest addition to the free webinar schedule is aimed at major firms that demand the very best from their SVN implementation.

Following the success of our Enterprise Hardened Subversion webinar, ‘Can’t live without Subversion – even for a minute’ will provide excellent content for users who demand that Subversion is always on and always accessible.

A featured case study from one of WANdisco’s valued Subversion customers will help participants learn why companies have become dependent on Subversion for mission critical applications and why they can’t afford to be down, even for a single minute!

The case study will highlight a very typical Subversion deployment: a technology company with around 100 developers started using Subversion as an ad hoc project implementation and it grew to become the company standard.  However, what they thought was a secure automated backup system actually failed and brought the entire system down, resulting in lost productivity of 100 idle developers for an entire day and project delays for an entire week lost before full functionality was restored.  That’s a lot of minutes – and dollars!!!  Could this happen to you?!

WANdisco’s Subversion Clustering provides an excellent solution and the webinar will explain how a three node cluster results in no single point of failure and extremely high availability. We will also tell you how implementation services were used to accelerate adoption with costs easily justified – the outlay being a fraction of the cost of real downtime.

If that wasn’t enough we will take you through a more detailed account of WANdisco’s Subversion Clustering, including replication, intelligent load balancing, flexible deployment options, extension with Multisite and implementation services.

If you can’t live without Subversion then make sure you register for this free webinar – and don’t waste a minute.

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