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What’s New in SmartSVN 7.5.4?

The latest release of SmartSVN, the cross-platform graphical client for Apache Subversion, features plenty of improvements you will find useful. In this post, we take a closer look at some of the functionality we’ve added to SmartSVN 7.5.4.


SmartSVN’s ‘switch’ option allows users to update a working copy to a different URL. This is particularly useful when you need to update your working copy to mirror a newly created branch. SmartSVN 7.5.4 adds support for the –ignore-ancestry option, which forces SmartSVN to switch to a URL even when it cannot find a common ancestor for the URL and your working copy.

JIRA Fixes

SmartSVN supports the popular JIRA issue tracker through its ‘Bugtraq’ properties option, allowing users to seamlessly integrate JIRA into the commit wizard and other modules. SmartSVN 7.5.4 fixes an internal error that could close the ‘Resolve’ dialogue, ensuring that SmartSVN’s JIRA integration continues to run smoothly.

Shell Integration Updates

In addition to being available as a standalone program, SmartSVN integrates with Windows Explorer and Mac OS X Finder, giving you the freedom to work the way you want. SmartSVN 7.5.4 includes fixes and new functionality for this integration, including:

  • Settings for shell integration are now stored

  • A fix for an internal error that could occur when working with root-level working copies (Windows)

  • A fix for a bug that could cause commands to be erroneously enabled (Windows)


The Transactions view automatically provides information about new project revisions, ensuring users are kept up-to-date with changes being committed to the repository. If you’re using SmartSVN Professional, this Transactions window can watch for commits in any repository, keeping you informed on changes in the libraries being used by your project, or about the Subversion-related activities of your entire team.


SmartSVN 7.5.4 addresses a bug that could cause the ‘Copy Revision Number’ command to copy multiple items.

Additional Fixes

SmartSVN 7.5.4 also includes fixes for:

  • An internal error in the Merge Preview

  • An error in the SmartSVN Log that could occur when loading merged revisions

  • The “smartsvn.defaultConnectionLogging” system property failing to work

  • Trac plugin failing when querying Trac ticket db

More information on what’s new and noteworthy in this release is available at the Changelog.

Haven’t started with SmartSVN? You can claim a free trial of SmartSVN Professional 7.5.4 now.


Subversion Tip of the Week

Backing up Your Subversion Data

No matter how clued up you are on Apache Subversion, disasters do happen, so it’s important to make regular backups of your repository data. There are several options for creating a backup:

1) Incremental backup – creates a copy of all the changes that occurred since the last backup. To perform an incremental backup, you must specify a “starting_revision” revision number:

svnadmin dump {repository} -r {starting_revision} -incremental.

This creates a dump file with information about the revisions that took place between the “starting_revision” and the latest revision.

2) Full Backup – this is essentially a copy of the entire repository, and it can be performed by running the following command:

svnadmin hotcopy {repository} {destination}

Alternatively, a full dump can be performed using the ‘hot backup’ script located in the tools/backup directory:

The hot-backup.py {repository} {destination}

3) Backing up with SmartSVN

If you’re using SmartSVN, the popular, cross-platform graphical client, the built-in ‘Export Backup’ functionality makes it quick and easy to create a backup of your files and directories.

1) To create a backup, select the ‘Export’ option from the ‘Query’ menu. This will open the ‘Export Backup’ dialog.

In this dialog, ‘Relative To’ is the common root of all files to be exported. Depending on the selection of files or directories, the ‘Export’ option will either display the number of files being exported or a ‘All files and directories’ message.

2) You can choose to export into either ‘zip-file’ or ‘Into directory.’ In both instances, you must specify the location where the backup will be created.

3) Optionally, you can decide to ‘Include Ignored files’ and ‘Include Ignored Directories.’ Note, the second option includes all the items in the ignored directories.

4) Once you are happy with the information you have entered, click ‘Export’ to create your backup.

Remember, you can claim your 30 day free trial of SmartSVN Professional now.


Downloading and Installing SmartSVN in 10 Steps

Yesterday, we announced that not only have we acquired Syntevo’s SmartSVN product suite, but we’re offering it at 50% less than its previous cost!

We’ve already published a handy FAQ guide for SmartSVN users but for those who haven’t tried SmartSVN yet, here’s our guide to downloading and installing our free SmartSVN Foundation edition, in 10 easy steps.

1) Your free SmartSVN download can be found at http://www.wandisco.com/subversion/download

Click on the appropriate install.





2) Enter your name, email address and company. Click ‘Submit.’








3) You’ll be notified that you’ve been sent a download link via email.





4) Check your email and click on the enclosed download link.



5) Once your SmartSVN download has finished, extract the files and launch the setup application.




6) You will be taken to the SmartSVN Setup Wizard. Click ‘Next.’









7) Select how, and where, you want SmartSVN to be installed. Once you are happy with the setup, click ‘Next.’









8) Click ‘Install.’









9) SmartSVN will begin the installation process. This may take a few minutes.









10) Once installation is complete, click ‘Finish.’ You have now successfully installed SmartSVN!









Need more support for your SmartSVN installation? SmartSVN is also available in the following editions:

  • SmartSVN Professional – licensed on a per-user basis, SmartSVN Professional is available for 30 days at no charge with 30 days of professional support, or as a paid license that includes one year of support.
  • SmartSVN Enterprise – the enterprise-class version of SmartSVN is designed for larger deployments. A single license can be shared across the number of users within an organisation. Please note, the license can only be shared a limited number of times within the same organisation.

Visit http://smartsvn.com/ to learn more.