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Subversion Live 2012: Early Bird Registration Now Open!

Early bird registration for Subversion Live 2012 is now open!

After getting a great response from the Apache Subversion community in 2011, Subversion Live is back for 2012, bringing the Subversion community sessions covering everything from Subversion’s future, to expert-led best practices workshops, as well as the unique opportunity to meet the core Subversion committers. This year’s conference series is even bigger than last year, with events taking place in San Francisco, Greenwich CT, and London.

We’re currently running a very special early bird offer: register now using the ‘earlybird’ code to get a 25% discount (note, the early bird offer ends 10th August, so you better be quick!)

As part of Subversion Live 2012, WANdisco’s Product Manager Rich Smolenski and Rob Budas, Vice President of Product Management, will deliver a session on Apache Bloodhound. Apache Bloodhound is an exciting new project that was voted into the Apache Incubator in December, 2011. In this interview, we find out more about Apache Bloodhound, including what the future holds for Bloodhound, and get a sneak preview of what Subversion Live attendees can expect from this session.

Can you give us an introduction to the new Apache Bloodhound project?

Rich Smolenski: Apache Bloodhound is a tool for managing software development. Its strengths lie in a close tie in between Apache Subversion source control and a powerful ticket system, built on the shoulders of Trac. If you need to track defects or feature requests, this is your tool.

In your opinion, what will Apache Bloodhound’s stand-out feature be?

Rich Smolenski: Other tools in this area take a generic project based approach. This makes it difficult to keep track of your code base over time as projects end, and new ones start. We recognise that you create software products, whether you use them internally or sell them to clients. These products won’t change as quickly as the projects needed to modify them. Therefore our approach provides a much better reflection of your actual code base.

At Subversion Live, you will present a session on Apache Bloodhound. Who would benefit from attending?

Rob Budas: Anyone that produces and/or maintains software, especially if they use Subversion or uberSVN to do so.

What topics are you going to cover in your Bloodhound session?

Rich Smolenski: The main topics we’ll cover in these sessions are the key UI and functional differences between Apache Bloodhound and the Trac project, and where Bloodhound fits into the Apache Subversion ecosystem. We’ll also cover practical aspects such as setting up users, projects, groups and permissions, and ticket management.

In your opinion, where is the Bloodhound project heading?

Rob Budas: A fully featured software development platform. It will run on your own infrastructure or in the cloud, depending on your needs. It should be quick to pick up for non-technical users without training, but also not hold back the experts.

Registration for Subversion Live is now open – and don’t forget to enter the ‘earlybird’ code for a 25% discount.

Although WANdisco are sponsoring some of the initial committers, one of the major aims of Apache Bloodhound is to create a vibrant developer community, and any interested committers are able to contribute to the project. Interested in getting involved? Check out the Bloodhound webpage for more info.