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Jenkins: Configuring a Proxy

In most setups, the Jenkins server is behind a firewall, which can be a problem as Jenkins requires internet access to download plugins and updates. If you need to go through an HTTP proxy server, the connection details can easily be configured in Jenkins’ ‘Manage Plugins’ tab.

Note, this tutorial uses uberSVN. If you don’t already have uberSVN, you can download it for free from http://ubersvn.com/

1) Open the ‘Jenkins’ tab of your uberSVN installation.

2) Select the ‘Manage Jenkins’ link.

3) Click the ‘Manage Plugins’ link.

4) In the ‘Plugin Manager’ open the ‘Advanced’ tab. This will bring up your HTTP Proxy information. Enter the appropriate info – such as port, server, etc. – and click ‘Submit.’

Jenkins will now have internet access, and will be able to download updates and plugins.

Updating Jenkins

To download Jenkins plugins, simply click the ‘Available’ tab of the ‘Plugin Manager’ to see a list of available plugins.

Updates for your installed plugins can be found in the adjoining ‘Updates’ tab.

Once you’ve configured internet access, you’ll have access to updates for Jenkins itself. To check for Jenkins updates:

1) Open the ‘Administration’ tab, followed by the ‘Updates’ tab.

2) Click the ‘Check for Updates’ tab to ensure you have all the latest updates.

3) You will then be able to see – and install – all the latest Jenkins updates.

Not yet started with uberSVN? It’s free to download, free to use and integrates seamlessly with Jenkins. Simply visit http://www.ubersvn.com/ to find out more.

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