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WANdisco Releases New Version of Hadoop Distro

We’re proud to announce the release of WANdisco Distro (WDD) version 3.1.1.

WDD is a fully tested, production-ready version of Apache Hadoop 2 that’s free to download. WDD version 3.1.1 includes an enhanced, more intuitive user interface that simplifies Hadoop cluster deployment. WDD 3.1.1 supports SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (Service Pack 2), in addition to RedHat and CentOS.

“The number of Hadoop deployments is growing quickly and the Big Data market is moving fast,” said Naji Almahmoud, senior director of global business development, SUSE, a WANdisco Non-Stop Alliance partner. “For decades, SUSE has delivered reliable Linux solutions that have been helping global organizations meet performance and scalability requirements. We’re pleased to work closely with WANdisco to support our mutual customers and bring Hadoop to the enterprise.”

All WDD components are tested and certified using the Apache BigTop framework, and we’ve worked closely with both the open source community and leading big data vendors to ensure seamless interoperability across the Hadoop ecosystem.

“The integration of Hadoop into the mainstream enterprise environment is increasing, and continual communication with our customers confirms their requirements – ease of deployment and management as well as support for market leading operating systems,” said David Richards, CEO of WANdisco. “With this release, we’re delivering on those requirements with a thoroughly tested and certified release of WDD.”

WDD 3.1.1 can be downloaded for free now. WANdisco also offers Professional Support for Apache Hadoop.

Is Subversion Ready for the Enterprise?

At WANdisco, we firmly believe that Apache Subversion is a commercial quality version control system ready for the enterprise. With everything that Subversion has to offer enterprise users, it’s easy to see why it’s becoming such a popular choice:

  • It’s open source – cost is one of the most commonly-cited reasons for adopting open source solutions such as Subversion, but there are many other benefits. Most notably, open source projects tend to be collaborative efforts between many developers, so users reap the benefit of a team of developers, all with their own particular skills and areas of expertise.
  • It’s an established project – accepted into the Apache Incubator in 2009 and graduating a year later, today Subversion is an Apache Top Level Project maintained by a global community of contributors.
  • It’s the center of a vibrant ecosystem – Apache Subversion users have access to countless additional client tools, GUIs and plugins. Subversion also integrates with most of the major IDEs, including Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Free community support – another benefit of utilizing open source technology is the transparent, archived communication that makes up an open source project’s mailing lists and forums, including Subversion’s dedicated SVNForum. This communication can be an invaluable source of information for users, and in many instances, a question will have already been asked – and answered – by someone else. If you can’t find the answer you were looking for, ask the community directly. There’s also no shortage of free training resources available online, including webinars, refcards and tutorials.
  • Professional support option – Subversion has an extensive community of users who are always willing to answer queries, but mailing lists and forums aren’t always the ideal place to reach out to when disaster strikes your enterprise deployment. As a long-established open source solution, there are professional support options available for Apache Subversion.

Our professional support services for Subversion includes:

  1. 24-by-7 worldwide coverage
  2. Guaranteed response times
  3. Indemnification coverage
  4. Subversion system health check
  5. 8 hours of free consulting or training

Enterprise training is another option for users who need additional support with their Subversion installation.

Despite all the benefits, there are some potential issues to consider when working with large Subversion deployments. If you’re using multiple SVN repositories across globally distributed teams, you may encounter the following challenges:

  • Loss of productivity when the central server fails and users at remote sites cannot access the latest version of your project.
  • Slow networks encourage developers at remote sites to checkout and/or commit infrequently. This increases the chances of encountering time-consuming conflicts.
  • Unnecessary read operations taking place over the WAN, as users at remote sites repeatedly perform read operations to access the same files. This degrades the performance of both the central Subversion server and the network.
  • Every remote request entails a WAN penalty. Although Subversion clients only send changes to the central server when modifications to existing source code files are committed, when a new file is committed or an existing file is checked out, the entire file is sent over the WAN.
  • When Subversion is implemented with an Apache Web Server as a front-end, and the WebDAV HTTP protocol is used, the WAN penalty can be significant. This is particularly true of commits that consist of a large number of files.

To help enterprises overcome these challenges, we’ve just announced an ongoing series of free webinars. Over the course of each hour-long ‘Scaling Subversion for the Enterprise’ session, our expert Solution Architect Patrick Burma will cover all the issues enterprises can encounter when using multiple Subversion repositories across globally distributed teams. He will also discuss the accompanying solutions from the administrative, business and IT perspectives, and will be available to answer specific questions.

You can register for all of this week’s sessions now:

Scaling Subversion for the Enterprise

Apache Subversion is one of the world’s most popular open source version control solutions. It’s also becoming increasingly popular within the enterprise, with plenty to offer enterprise users, including:

  • Established professional support options
  • A commercial-friendly Apache license
  • Atomic commits that allow enterprise users to track and audit changes
  • Plenty of free training resources, such as webinars, refcards and online tutorials

However, large Subversion deployments have limitations that can negatively affect your business. If you are using multiple Subversion repositories across globally distributed teams, you’re likely facing challenges around performance and productivity, repository sync, WAN latency and connectivity, access control or the need for HADR (high availability and disaster recovery).

In our new, free-to-attend ‘Office Hours’ sessions, our expert Solution Architect will conduct live demos, showcasing how our Subversion MultiSite technology can help you overcome the limitations and risks related to globally distributed SVN deployments. Over the course of the hour, our Solution Architect Patrick Burma will cover these issues and accompanying solutions, from the administrative, business and IT perspectives, and will be available to answer all of your business-specific questions.

You can register for all of this week’s sessions now:

All sessions will take place at 10:00am PST (1:00pm EST) and are free to attend.


WANdisco Launches World’s First Production-Ready Apache Hadoop 2 Distro


We’re excited to announce the launch of our WANdisco Distro (WDD) a fully tested, production-ready version of Apache Hadoop 2. WDD is based on the most recent Hadoop release, includes all the latest fixes and undergoes the same rigorous quality assurance process as our enterprise software solutions.

The team behind WDD is led by Dr. Konstantin Boudnik, who is one of the original Hadoop developers, has been an Apache Hadoop committer since 2009 and served as a Hadoop architect with Yahoo! This dedicated team of Apache Hadoop development, QA and support professionals is focused exclusively on delivering the highest quality version of the software.

We are also now offering enterprise-class professional support for organizations deploying Hadoop clusters that utilize WDD. Delivered by our team of open source experts, WANdisco’s professional support for Hadoop includes online service request and case tracking, customer discussion forums, online access to service packs and patches, indemnification coverage, Hadoop cluster health checks, consulting and training and more. You can find out more about the available support options at www.wandisco.com/support/hadoop

We’re particularly excited to make this announcement, as WDD lays the foundation for our enterprise Hadoop solutions that deliver 24-by-7 availability, scalability and performance globally, without any downtime or data loss.

“This is one of a number of key Big Data product announcements WANdisco will be making between now and the upcoming Strata 2013 Big Data conference in Santa Clara, CA, February 26-28. It’s a great time for enterprises requiring a hardened, non-stop Hadoop,” said David Richards, CEO of WANdisco. “Only our patented active-active technology removes the single point of failure inherent in Hadoop and works locally and globally. We are excited to have Dr. Konstantin Boudnik, one of the original developers of Hadoop, leading this rollout.”

You can learn more about WDD at the official press release, or by visiting the Download WANdisco Distro webpage.

uberSVN Turns One: What’s Next for uberAPPS?

uberSVN is one year old!

It’s been a great first year for uberSVN, the open ALM platform for Apache Subversion. Not only has this unique, SVN-based product been awarded the Made in Sheffield mark and Business IT Innovation of the Year medal, but it’s received a positive response from the community, as well as some fantastic reviews by the IT media. But, one of the things we’re particularly proud of, is our uberAPPS store. Since it was launched in July 2011, the partnerships and exciting new apps have just kept on coming!

To celebrate uberSVN’s first birthday, we’ll take a look at all of the apps uberSVN users can now get their hands on, simply by visiting the integrated uberAPPS store.


Jenkins is an easy-to-use, continuous integration system that makes it easy to manage and control an application development lifecycle, focusing on build, documentation, testing, and packaging. Using Jenkins with uberSVN has a long list of benefits, including:

  • Easy installation and configuration.
  • Monitor build results by RSS or e-mail to receive real-time notifications on failures.
  • JUnit/TestNG test reporting.
  • Plugin Support: WANdisco approved Jenkins plugins (coming soon!)

Jenkins & uberSVN Professional Support

Need some extra support for your Jenkins + uberSVN installation? Professional Jenkins Support can be purchased easily from inside the uberAPPS store. Our support staff are fully trained Jenkins experts, and we pride ourselves on ensuring that you get the most out of your Jenkins deployment. Or maybe you’re just after Professional Support for uberSVN? We’ve got this covered too! uberSVN support includes:

  • 24-by-7 online, phone and email support.
  • Guaranteed response times.
  • Automated delivery of fixes and upgrades.
  • Global coverage from the US and Europe.

uTest Express

The world’s largest marketplace for software testing services is also accessible through uberSVN! uTest makes it easy for uberSVN users to get their apps professionally tested under real-world conditions, by offering a range of testing types for web, desktop and mobile apps across all the major operating systems. With each uTest project, you’ll receive detailed bug report with screen captures and steps to reproduce the issues; step-by-step results for each testing task you define; and expert feedback on the design, performance and functionality of your app.

uberSVN Starter Pack

A convenient, lightweight support option for uberSVN users who require something more than the community support available for free at our forum, but who do not wish to commit to a termed Subversion or uberSVN Support contract. Our uberSVN Starter Pack is an entry level support service that’s designed to bring tricky support cases to a speedy conclusion. Our uberSVN Starter Packs are the perfect option for small businesses who are looking for a very flexible, pay-as-you-go model.

TortoiseSVN Support

In a perfect world, you’d never need a support contact and everything ‘just works,’ but no software is perfect, and we pride ourselves on keeping your business running smoothly. We provide a ‘safety net’ for TortoiseSVN users, allowing you to gain access to experts whenever you need them, to ensure that your mission critical services have the maximum available uptime.

Subversion Health Check

Rolling out, implementing and supporting Apache Subversion can be challenging if you or your team do not have much experience of managing Subversion environments. There’s a lot to think about. Our less experienced customers usually need some crucial questions answering, before they move forward with Subversion. WANdisco’s Subversion Health Check service provides a pre-implementation or post-implementation audit of your Subversion environment and we’ll work closely with you to recommend the best business strategies for deployment and growth, whilst lowering the cost of maintaining your environment.

Time-Based Consultancy

With our Time-Based Consultancy package, we’ll endeavor to answer all of your questions and guide you through the implementation phase. In some cases, we may even be able to write your code for you. Everyone’s Time-Based Consultancy package will be different, but some of the areas we commonly cover include:

  • Hook script development
  • Performance issues
  • Scalability
  • Backup and recovery
  • Security
  • ……and more!

What does the future hold for uberAPPS?

Put simply: more apps! With apps such as SmartSVN, Jenkins plugins, Assembla, and Sonar still to come, we’re confident that uberAPPS will become the place to go for all your ALM needs.

Is there an app that’s seriously missing from uberAPPS? Or a feature you would like to see added to uberSVN? Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your feedback or use the uberSVN:Suggestions forum, and help us make the next twelve months as successful as uberSVN’s first year!

Open Source Support and Training : Your Options

It’s no secret WANdisco are big fans of open source, but where do you go when you encounter a bug, or your open source project keeps throwing errors? In this post, we cover all the options available for open source fans in need of some extra guidance.

Community support

Successful open source projects are typically collaborative efforts between hundreds, if not thousands of developers. This collaborative development encourages transparent, archived communication through mailing lists and forums, which can be an invaluable (and free!) source of information for the open source user. And, if you can’t find the answer to your question, you can always post it at the project’s mailing list, community forum, or even Stack Overflow.

For Apache Subversion users, SVNForum.org is the place to go to connect with the SVN community. Sign up to discuss everything Subversion, and exchange information and tips with other users. Alternatively, the Subversion project maintains a series of active mailing lists, including the users mailing list where you can post build problems, configuration issues, usage questions, and more.

Professional Support

Open source solutions have plenty to offer, but many organizations are concerned about the level of support they can get from the community alone. Most open source projects have a great community of users who are always willing to help out, but mailing lists and forums aren’t always the ideal place to reach out to when disaster strikes your organization! Thankfully, many established open source projects now have professional support options.

When choosing a professional support provider, there are a few questions worth asking:

1. Do they have committers on the project?
2. Do they cover the hours I need? (of course, 24-by-7 worldwide support is always preferable!)
3. Are they enthusiastic about the project?
4. How easy are they to contact? Do you get a named support contact? Can you dial a number and speak to a real person?
5. Do they have customer testimonials?

As one of the major corporate sponsors of Subversion, WANdisco offer professional support for SVN. Our professional Subversion support includes:

  • Guaranteed response times.
  • 24-by-7 Worldwide coverage.
  • Indemnification coverage
  • Our Enterprise security product, Subversion Access Control
  • ….and more!

And, act before Friday (April 13th, 2012) to get the first 90 days of Subversion support for free, when you purchase any of our one year support contracts.

Enterprise-class support for TortoiseSVN is also available, alongside professional support for uberSVN, the open ALM platform for Apache Subversion.

Free Online training

Over the last couple of years, open source solutions have been gaining popularity within the enterprise, and with all the benefits of open source, it’s easy to see why! Of course, cost is one of the major reasons why organizations switch to open source. With closed source, there’s the initial outlay, but there can also be hidden extras; support charges, the expense of ongoing upgrades, training costs, etc.

With open source projects, not only are you saving on the software’s initial cost, but there’s typically plenty of tutorials, webinars, refcards and articles freely available on the internet, to help out with everything from the installation process, to best practices for the advanced user.

As part of our commitment to the Subversion community, we run bi-weekly free training webinars, covering everything from branching and merging, to running Subversion with continuous integration, hook scripts, and more.

Enterprise Training

Despite the wealth of resources freely available on the internet, there may come a point when an organization needs some formal training to get the most out of their open source software. Successful open source projects are frequently the subject of professional training sessions, but it may also be worth investing in ‘train the trainer’ sessions, so all future training can be performed in-house by your own staff.

At WANdisco, our Subversion training courses are designed to provide the essential hands-on experience you need to increase productivity. Choose from public classes at our training centres; private, on-site classes; and web-based training. Some of the courses we offer, include:

  • Core Concepts – covers architecture and design principles, branching and merging, conflict resolution, and more
  • Subversion for Administrators – gain the background knowledge needed to effectively install, configure and manage Subversion repositories and servers
  • Train the Trainer – designed for customers with in-house training staff

Subversion Support Spring Sale

You may have heard that we’re currently offering uTest Express Bronze packages for free in cooperation with our friends at uTest. Now, we’re pleased to announce another exclusive offer especially for WANdisco customers.

We’re so confident that our professional support is the best in the industry that from now until April 13th, we will be offering the first 90 days of Subversion support for free, when you purchase any of our one year support contracts. This includes Professional Support for uberSVN, the open ALM platform for Subversion.

What makes our Subversion support unique, is that we don’t just respond to direct problems; we help and guide our customers to get the most out of their Subversion implementation. In addition to this proactive approach to software support, all our support customers get our enterprise security product, Subversion Access Control, included as part of their package.

Not convinced? Our Subversion support customers are also entitled to:

  • Guaranteed response times.
  • 24-by-7 Worldwide coverage.
  • Local support from our offices in the US, China, UK, Japan.
  • Indemnification coverage, protecting our customers from intellectual property claims that can arise from the use of open source software.

uberSVN Professional Support includes:

  • 24-by-7 Online, phone and email support.
  • Local support from our offices in the US, China, UK, Japan.
  • Guaranteed response times.
  • Automated delivery of fixes and upgrades.
  • Global coverage from the US and Europe.
  • Coverage for pure certified Subversion binaries and other components of uberSVN.

Trapped in a support contract from one of our competitors? You don’t need to wait to take advantage of this very special offer – we may be able to buy you out of your existing Subversion support contract. Simply contact your WANdisco sales representative today to discuss your options.

There are limited subscriptions available, so act now to avoid disappointment.

This offer is only applicable to the first year of a WANdisco support contract. Offer expires on April 13th, 2012.

Extending Jenkins with uberSVN

Installing Jenkins is made easy with our free, open ALM platform for Apache Subversion, uberSVN. But when installed through uberSVN, your Jenkins installation contains only the bare minimum; at some point you will want to extend your uberSVN and Jenkins installation with additional plugins. Thankfully, this is made easy with uberSVN, as any number of new plugins can be added without ever leaving your installation.

Start by going to the ‘Jenkins’ tab, followed by the ‘Manage Jenkins’ option on the left side of the screen, and finally selecting the ‘Manage Plugins’ link.

From here, click on the ‘Available’ tab, which will bring up a list of all the plugins you can add to Jenkins.

Scroll down to see the list of available plugins. If you need some more information on a particular plugin, clicking on the name of the plugin will take you to a product page where you can browse all the relevant information about the plugin in question, including the changelog, maintainers, and the date of the most current release.

If you wish to install the plugin, go back to the ‘Available’ page and select the tickbox on the left. When you have finished selecting plugins to install, scroll to the bottom of the screen and hit the ‘Install’ button.

The plugin will now be downloaded. Note that Jenkins will need to be restarted for these changes to take effect.

Once you have restarted Jenkins, go to the ‘Installed’ tab in the ‘Manage Plugins’ screen. You will see that the plugin you have just downloaded has been added to the Installed list.

Jenkins is available for free through uberSVN. Visit http://www.ubersvn.com/ now to download uberSVN. A professional support option for Jenkins is also available.

Using uberAPPS? Have your say on uberAPPS at the official forum!

WANdisco Launches All-New uberSVN Starter Packs

Last month, we announced an exciting new partnership with our friends at uTest, bringing their software testing services to uberSVN’s uberAPPS store, and extended our partnership with CloudBees, to offer professional support for Jenkins to uberAPPS users. We’re following this with even more exciting new additions to the uberAPPS store, including a new approach to uberSVN support.

At WANdisco, we always appreciate your feedback, and after being contacted by organizations looking for short-term professional support for uberSVN, we’ve created the all-new, uberSVN Starter Packs. These packs give you access to three hours of support, with the option of purchasing additional hours as required.

We’ve also added professional support for TortoiseSVN to the app store, giving uberSVN users easy access to mail and phone support, feature enhancements, online case tracking, and more, all with guaranteed response times. Stefan Küng, the TortoiseSVN project’s lead developer since 2003, heads our team of professionals dedicated to delivering the support, development and enhancement you need, to get the most out of TortoiseSVN.

Existing uberSVN users can visit uberAPPS from inside their installation, for all the latest info on purchasing both professional TortoiseSVN support and uberSVN Starter Packs. Not yet downloaded uberSVN? Check out some of the feedback we’ve been getting from users, about this award-winning, open ALM platform for Subversion.

uberSVN is free to download and free to use – visit http://www.ubersvn.com/ now to get started.

Using uberAPPS? Have your say on uberAPPS at the official forum!

WANdisco’s January Roundup

At WANdisco HQ we’re staring 2012 as we mean to go on: with a string of announcements and releases! Firstly, we are excited to announce two great new additions to uberSVN and uberAPPS: professional support for the Jenkins continuous integration server, and crowdsourcing functionality from the world’s largest marketplace for software testing services: uTest.

Just before the holiday season, the Apache Incubator gained a new addition, with Bloodhound being voted into the incubator. WANdisco are sponsoring some of the initial Bloodhound committers, so we’re excited to see Bloodhound taking its first steps to becoming a fully-fledged Apache project. Want to get involved? Head over to the Apache Bloodhound incubator page now, for more info.

Also this month, team WANdisco had a great night at the Sheffield Business Awards, where we were shortlisted for the Digital Industries Award. As a Sheffield-based company, it was an honour for our Made In Sheffield product, uberSVN, to be shortlisted for another prestigious award from our own city. We’d like to thank the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce for putting on such a fantastic awards show, and for award sponsors Highlander for shortlisting WANdisco.

Some of the core developers of Apache Subversion also paid a visit to WANdisco’s Sheffield office this month. To celebrate, we hosted a one off, free ‘Apache in the Pub’ event for the local software developer community. The event featured talks by Subversion’s release manager Hyrum Wright, and Greg Stein, director and former chairman of the Apache Software Foundation, where they covered everything from Apache Bloodhound, to Python, and even Greg Stein’s experiences at Google. Thank you to the Apache Software Foundation and our local GIST Foundation, for helping us out with this great event.

Finally, to celebrate the success of uberSVN ‘Blake,’ we decided a return trip to the Blake pub in Walkley, Sheffield, was in order. We presented the Blake’s staff with a special uberSVN plaque, so they never forget they have award-winning software named after their pub.