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WANdisco Addresses Community’s Source Code Security Concerns

You may have heard that we’ve just announced a substantial update to our Enterprise Subversion Product, Subversion Access Control. Subversion Access Control 4.1 places an emphasis on security by providing full audit, authorization and access control capabilities that go well beyond what Subversion can offer on its own. Subversion Access Control’s underlying architecture protects against the sort of security holes that have resulted in a number of recent high-profile source code thefts from Perforce’s source code management (including the leaking of Norton AntiVirus source code.) With Perforce, the client completely trusts the server, which means the server has complete control over the client user’s account – leaving Perforce users vulnerable to source code thefts.

Understandably, this has left many Perforce customers concerned – and with good reason: in the software industry, source code is the most valuable intellectual property there is. With this current wave of source code management thefts, we think there’s never been a better time to look into source code management solutions that offer built-in security features. Subversion Access Control’s security functionality includes:

  • Support for SSL to securely encrypt all client server communication, ensuring that all data is protected at all levels.
  • A simple graphical interface to manage the three A’s of security (Authentication, Access and Audit!) Users are organized into teams and rules are setup for each team that defines their level of access to one or more repositories or to within a path inside a repository. Administrators can easily setup sophisticated security rules to the system and all user activity is recorded and can be stored in a relational database.

The Complete Solution Stack from WANdisco

Globally distributed teams are at an even greater risk of source code theft. For teams who need that extra security, it is possible to implement Subversion Access Control in combination with our Subversion MultiSite product. This ensures consistent enforcement across all sites by replicating the Subversion Access Control configuration, with centralized management and no performance degradation, by forcing everyone to go through a central server.


Want to try before you buy? We have a free download of the just-released Subversion Access Control 4.1 and Subversion MultiSite 4.1, ready for evaluation. Just complete the online form, and you’ll be able to trial both of our security products for free. Need more info on how to keep your source code safe from hackers? WANdisco will be hosting a free hour-long ‘Introducing Subversion Access Control 4.1’ webinar on April 12th. Or, if you would like to speak to us directly about your options for source code security, please do not hesitate to contact us.