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Apache Subversion 1.7.8 Released

It may be nearly the end of the year, but there’s still time for one more release of Apache Subversion. SVN 1.7.8 features plenty of fixes and enhancements, including:

  • Adding missing attributes to “svn log -v –xml” output
  • Fixing a hang that could occur during error processing
  • Fixing incorrect status returned by 1.6 API
  • Adding Vary: header to GET responses to improve cacheability
  • Subversion 1.7.8 ignores file externals with mergeinfo when merging

A full list of everything’s that new in Subversion 1.7.8 is available at the Changes file. Free binaries of Subversion 1.7.8 are available to download through the WANdisco website.

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SmartSVN 7.0.7 is Here!

We’re pleased to announce that SmartSVN 7.0.7 has been released. This update brings some useful enhancements and fixes to the SmartSVN community, including fixes for:

  • Auto-detection of “large” repositories
  • An internal error that occurs when refreshing locks
  • Internal errors for remote state and refresh

More information on what’s new and noteworthy in SmartSVN 7.0.7 is available at the Changelog.

A free download of SmartSVN Foundation is available from WANdisco now. If you haven’t already tried SmartSVN, there’s a long list of benefits this popular graphical client can offer the Subversion user:

  • Easy to keep up-to-date on the latest Subversion activities of other team members and projects.
  • An all-in-one solution – SmartSVN provides everything out of the box: Subversion client, file compare, conflict solver and SSH client.
  • The freedom to work with either the SmartSVN UI, or to perform tasks directly within Windows Explorer.
  • Cross-platform – work on the operating system of your choice.

Visit http://smartsvn.com/ to download SmartSVN 7.0.7 today.

Still unsure how WANdisco acquiring SmartSVN will affect your SmartSVN experience? We’ve published a handy FAQ to answer some of the questions we’ve been hearing from the community.

TortoiseSVN 1.7.9 Available to Download

TortoiseSVN 1.7.9 is now available to download.

This release of the popular Windows client for Apache Subversion fixes a bug introduced in the 1.7.8 release, that could cause other applications to crash. This release also fixes some additional bugs, including crashes when refreshing the status list control, and copied files failing to revert to the recycle bin. TortoiseSVN 1.7.9 is linked against Subversion 1.7.6.

TortoiseSVN users are recommended to upgrade to this release as soon as possible.

Looking for tips and tricks on getting the most out of TortoiseSVN? We publish a new Subversion Tip of the Week every Monday, which includes frequent TortoiseSVN tips.