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Subversion Tip of the Week

Advanced Subversion Polling with Jenkins

It’s common practice to work on different projects simultaneously, but with so much going on it’s easy to lose track of where files originated, and what version is being used by which project. Thankfully, Jenkins supports file fingerprinting, which allows you to see exactly when and where your files are being produced and used. Once you’ve configured a Jenkins job to poll Subversion, setting up file fingerprinting is made easy with uberSVN.

1. Select the ‘Jenkins’ tab, followed by the Jenkins job you previously setup to poll Subversion.

2. Select the ‘Configure’ option.

3. Select the ‘Record fingerprints of files to track usage’ option and specify which files to track in the ‘Files to fingerprint’ text box. In this example, trunk/*.zip will track all .zip files in the trunk.

5. Make some changes to the files earmarked for fingerprinting, and commit those changes as normal.

6. Open the build report in Jenkins and select ‘See Fingerprints.’

7. This screen will display some basic details about the tracked files. To drill down into the information on any file, select the ‘more details’ link.

uberSVN is free to download and free to use. Visit http://www.ubersvn.com/ now to download your copy.