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Subversion Tip of the Week

Creating a New Directory in Apache Subversion

There are two ways to create a new directory in Apache Subversion. You can either create the directory in your working copy and then commit it to the repository as a separate operation, or simply create the new directory in the central repository.

1) Creating a directory in the working copy:

svn mkdir (working-copy-location/name-of-new-directory)

In this example, we’re creating a new directory called ‘Release2’ in the branches folder. You’ll need to perform a commit to send this new directory to the repository and share it with the rest of the team.

mkdir working copy

2) Creating a directory in the repository:

svn mkdir -m “log message” (repository-URL/name-of-new-directory)

mkdir url

3) The –parents Option

Note that regardless of whether you’re creating a new directory in the repository or in a working copy, the intermediate directories must already exist. If you need to create the  intermediate directories, you must use the –parents option.

In this example, we’re creating two directories in the ‘NewRepo’ repositories, a ‘Releases’ directory and a ‘Release3’ directory.

svn mkdir with parent switch

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