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Hadoop Console: Simplified Hadoop for the Enterprise

We are pleased to announce the latest release in our string of Big Data announcements: the WANdisco Hadoop Console (WHC.) WHC is a plug-and-play solution that makes it easy for enterprises to deploy, monitor and manage their Hadoop implementations, without the need for expert HBase or HDFS knowledge.

This innovative Big Data solution offers enterprise users:

  • An S3-enabled HDFS option for securely migrating from Amazon’s public cloud to a private in-house cloud
  • An intuitive UI that makes it easy to install, monitor and manage Hadoop clusters
  • Full support for Amazon S3 features (metadata tagging, data object versioning, snapshots, etc.)
  • The option to implement WHC in either a virtual or physical server environment.
  • Improved server efficiency
  • Full support for HBase

“WANdisco is addressing important issues with this product including the need to simplify Hadoop implementation and management as well as public to private cloud migration,” said John Webster, senior partner at storage research firm Evaluator Group. “Enterprises that may have been on the fence about bringing their cloud applications private can now do so in a way that addresses concerns about both data security and costs.”

More information about WHC is available from the WANdisco Hadoop Console product page. Interested parties can also download our Big Data whitepapers and datasheets, or request a free trial of WHC. Professional support for our Big Data solutions is also available.

This latest Big Data announcement follows the launch of our WANdisco Distro, the world’s first production-ready version of Apache Hadoop 2.

WANdisco Joins Fusion-io Technology Alliance Program

WANdisco is excited to announce its partnership with Fusion-io. Following the launch of our first Big Data offering, the world’s first production-ready Apache Hadoop 2 distro, we’ve joined Fusion-io’s Technology Alliance Program. This program focuses on working with leaders in strategic market segments to deliver proven solutions, access to resources and expertise to enhance the value of technology offerings.

“With rapid growth in big data demands around the world, customers require proven solutions and expertise that deliver Hadoop availability with no downtime or data loss,” said Tyler Smith, Fusion-io’s Vice President of Alliances. “WANdisco is a valuable addition to our Technology Alliance Program as we work together to fulfill the market demand for innovative and proven big data solutions.”

As mentioned, this partnership news follows the launch of WANdisco Distro (WDD), a fully tested, production-ready version of Apache Hadoop, based on the most recent Hadoop release. WDD lays the foundation for WANdisco’s upcoming enterprise Hadoop solutions, including the WANdisco Hadoop Console, a comprehensive, wizard-driven management dashboard and the Non-Stop NameNode, which combines our patented replication technology with open source Hadoop to deliver optimum performance, scalability and availability on a 24-by-7 basis.

You can find out more about the Technology Alliance announcement by reading the press release, or visiting Fusion-io’s Technology Alliance Program webpage.