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Apache Bloodhound 0.2 Released

The Apache Bloodhound team recently announced the first release of this new project, and now we’re excited to see that the second release of Apache Bloodhound has arrived!

Apache Bloodhound 0.2 (Incubating) upgrades to Bootstrap version 2.1, and fixes various issues from the 0.1 release, alongside various bug fixes relating to the new user interface. See the Release Notes for more information on what’s new in this release.

Apache Bloodhound (Incubating) is a software collaboration tool based on the code base of Trac, the proven project management and issue tracking system. Bloodhound will include issue tracking, a wiki, and repository browsing.

Although WANdisco are sponsoring some of the initial committers, one of the Apache Bloodhound project’s core goals is to create a strong developer community around the Trac code base in a vendor-neutral location. If you’re interested in participating in the Apache Bloodhound project, we invite you to review the information available at the ‘Getting Involved With Apache Bloodhound’ page.

Congratulations to the Apache Bloodhound team on another great release!