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WANdisco’s January Roundup

At WANdisco HQ we’re staring 2012 as we mean to go on: with a string of announcements and releases! Firstly, we are excited to announce two great new additions to uberSVN and uberAPPS: professional support for the Jenkins continuous integration server, and crowdsourcing functionality from the world’s largest marketplace for software testing services: uTest.

Just before the holiday season, the Apache Incubator gained a new addition, with Bloodhound being voted into the incubator. WANdisco are sponsoring some of the initial Bloodhound committers, so we’re excited to see Bloodhound taking its first steps to becoming a fully-fledged Apache project. Want to get involved? Head over to the Apache Bloodhound incubator page now, for more info.

Also this month, team WANdisco had a great night at the Sheffield Business Awards, where we were shortlisted for the Digital Industries Award. As a Sheffield-based company, it was an honour for our Made In Sheffield product, uberSVN, to be shortlisted for another prestigious award from our own city. We’d like to thank the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce for putting on such a fantastic awards show, and for award sponsors Highlander for shortlisting WANdisco.

Some of the core developers of Apache Subversion also paid a visit to WANdisco’s Sheffield office this month. To celebrate, we hosted a one off, free ‘Apache in the Pub’ event for the local software developer community. The event featured talks by Subversion’s release manager Hyrum Wright, and Greg Stein, director and former chairman of the Apache Software Foundation, where they covered everything from Apache Bloodhound, to Python, and even Greg Stein’s experiences at Google. Thank you to the Apache Software Foundation and our local GIST Foundation, for helping us out with this great event.

Finally, to celebrate the success of uberSVN ‘Blake,’ we decided a return trip to the Blake pub in Walkley, Sheffield, was in order. We presented the Blake’s staff with a special uberSVN plaque, so they never forget they have award-winning software named after their pub.

WANdisco Host Apache Meetup for Local Developer Community

This week, core members of the Apache Software Foundation, Greg Stein and Hyrum Wright, have been visiting WANdisco at our offices in Sheffield, UK. To celebrate, we hosted a special, one-off ‘Apache in the Pub’ event at the Rutland Arms, giving the local developer community the opportunity to meet these prominent ASF members, in the local pub!

The event was a great success, with a packed room of developers all debating open source topics: Subversion, Apache, Python, and of course the brand-new Apache Bloodhound project. We even got to hear some of Greg’s tales from his time at Google!

The event attracted much attention on Twitter. Here’s a selection of our favourite tweets from Apache in the Pub attendees:

  • Looking forward to a pint @RutlandArms with @gstein & @hyrumwright of @theasf tonight courtesy of @wandisco & @gistwire
  • @WANdisco @rutlandarms Apache in the Pub was a good event with a great turnout. Big thanks to you both for organising and hosting.
  • Good beer @RutlandArms and interesting people did fix bad day. Met a bunch of new bods from @WANdisco and talked about #bloodhound 🙂
  • @WANdisco @dchetwynd Hope everyone who came had a good time – those who didn’t missed out!

Thank you to our local GIST Foundation, and the ASF, for helping us host this free event for the local developer community. After receiving some great feedback, and being overwhelmed by the full attendance, we’re convinced the local community wants to see more of these sorts of events. If you have any ideas or feedback on community events you would like to see in the local area, please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment at the blog, or alternatively Tweet or email us.

We hope you all had a great time at Apache in the Pub, and we hope to see you at another WANdisco-hosted event soon!

WANdisco Host Apache in the Pub

Fancy an evening in the pub with core members of the Apache Software Foundation? This week, director and former chairman of the Apache Software Foundation, Greg Stein, and Apache Subversion release manager Hyrum Wright, will be paying a visit to WANdisco’s Sheffield office. To celebrate, WANdisco and the Apache Software Foundation, in cooperation with the GIST Foundation, will be hosting a very special, one-off Apache in the Pub event at the Rutland Arms pub in Sheffield, UK, giving the local developer community the opportunity to meet these prominent Apache Software Foundation members, and discuss all things open source, including the new Apache Bloodhound project, Python, and Apache Subversion.

If there’s time, maybe we’ll even hear how Greg launched Google Code, or some of his other war stories from the cutting edge.

This event is completely free, simply visit the Apache in the Pub Eventbrite page. And as an extra bonus, they’ll be a free pint for everyone who arrives on time!

WANdisco Supports new Apache Bloodhound Project

It’s no secret WANdisco are big fans of open source, so we’re excited to see that the Bloodhound project has taken its first step to becoming a fully-fledged Apache Software Foundation project: Bloodhound has been voted into the Apache Incubator by the Apache community!

The Apache Bloodhound project will provide a software collaboration tool based on the code base of the well-known Trac project, and will include issue tracking, a wiki, and repository browsing. It will further build on Trac by incorporating some of the most popular plugins, to create a more complete distribution than your typical Trac installation. One of the Apache Bloodhound project’s core goals, is to create a strong developer community around the Trac code base in a vendor-neutral location. Trac has already included a potential Bloodhound project on its list of derivatives. At WANdisco, we are excited to get involved in this new project, by sponsoring a number of the initial committers.

Although WANdisco are sponsoring some of the initial committers, one of the major aims of Apache Bloodhound will be to create a vibrant developer community, and any interested committers will be able to contribute to the project. Interested in getting involved? Check out the Bloodhound webpage for more info.