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Apache Subversion 1.6.19 Arrives!

The Apache Subversion community has just announced a new release of the Subversion 1.6 series.

Apache Subversion 1.6.19 includes fixes and enhancements for users of 1.6.x:

  • A fix for a server hang that could occur if a hook script failed to start.
  • A fix for a write-through proxy commit regression introduced in Subversion 1.6.17.
  • Partial sync drops properties when converting to adds.
  • A fix for the testsuite to avoid FAILs on APR hash order.

More information on Subversion 1.6.19 can be found in the Changes file.

The latest, certified binaries can be downloaded for free from the WANdisco website, and are also available through the award winning, open uberSVN platform. Users of uberSVN can easily switch between the 1.6.19 and the latest 1.7 releases (or vice versa!) using uberSVN’s innovative ‘SVN Switch’ feature.

If you haven’t tried uberSVN yet, remember that it’s free to download and free to use! Simply visit http://www.wandisco.com/ubersvn to get started.

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