Big Data Tech Infrastructure Market Share

The Data Science Association just published this infographic showing market share for a variety of different tools and technologies that form part of the Big Data ecosystem.  The data would’ve been more useful if it was grouped into categories, but here are a few observations:

  • Amazon is dominating the field for cloud infrastructure.  It’d be interesting to see how much of that is used for test and development versus serious production deployments.
  • Cloudera has more market share than vanilla Apache Hadoop, Hortonworks, or MapR.  It’ll be interesting to see how this picture evolves over time with the advent of the Open Data Platform.
  • Mesos has a surprising share of 14%.  At a recent Big Data event in Denver an audience survey showed that only one person out of 50 was even experimenting with Mesos.  Perhaps this survey is oriented more towards early adopters.

It’s always interesting to see these types of surveys as a complement to the analyst surveys from 451, Wikibon, and the like.

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