Active-active strategies for data protection

A new report preview from 451 Research highlights some of the challenges facing data center operators. Two of the conclusions stood out in particular.  First, disaster recovery (DR) strategies are top of mind as IT operations become increasingly centralized, increasing the cost of an outage. 42% of data center operators are evaluating DR strategies, and a majority (62%) are using active-active strategies for data protection. Second, data center operators are playing in a more complicated world now. The ability to operator applications and data centers in a hybrid cloud environment is called out as a particular area of interest.

These findings echo what we’re hearing from our own customers. For many enterprise IT architects, active-active data replication is a checklist item when deploying a vital service like a Hadoop cluster. Many WANdisco Fusion customers buy our products for precisely that reason. And we’re also seeing strong interest in WANdisco Fusion’s unique ability to provide that replication between Hadoop clusters that use different distributions and storage systems, on-premise or in the cloud.

Visit 451 Research to obtain the full report. In the meantime, our solution architects can help you evaluate your own DR and hybrid deployment strategies.

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