SmartSVN has a new home

We’re pleased to announce that from 23/02/2015 SmartSVN will be owned, maintained and managed by SmartSVN GmbH, a 100% child of Syntevo GmbH.

Long term customers will remember that Syntevo were the original creators and suppliers of SmartSVN, before WANdisco’s purchase of the product.

We’ve brought a lot of great features and enhancements to SmartSVN since we purchased it in 2012, particularly with the change from SVNkit to JAVAHL, which brought significant performance improvements and means that SmartSVN will be compatible with updates to core Subversion much faster than previously.

During the last two years the founders of Syntevo have continued to work with WANdisco on both engineering and consulting levels, so the transition back into their ownership will be smooth and seamless. We’re confident that having the original creators of SmartSVN take over the reins again will ensure that SmartSVN remains the best cross-platform Subversion product available for a long time to come.

Will this affect my purchased SmartSVN license?

No, SmartSVN GmbH will continue to support current SmartSVN users and you’ll be able to renew through them when the free upgrade period of your SmartSVN license has expired.

Where should I raise issues in the future?

The best place to go is Syntevo’s contact page where you’ll find the right contact depending on the nature of your issue.

A thank you to the SmartSVN community

Your input has been invaluable in guiding the improvements we’ve made to SmartSVN, we couldn’t have done it without you. We’d like to say thank you for your business over the last two years, and hope you continue to enjoy the product.

Team WANdisco

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