Wildcards in Subversion Authorization

Support for wildcards in Subversion authorization rules has been noticeably lacking for many years.  The use cases for using wildcards are numerous and well understood: denying write access to a set of protected file types in all branches, granting access to all sandbox branches in all projects, and so on.

So I’m very pleased to announce that WANdisco is now supporting wildcards for Subversion in our Access Control Plus product.  With this feature you can now easily define path restrictions for Subversion repositories using wildcards.

How does this work given that core Subversion doesn’t support wildcards?  Well, wildcard support is a long-standing feature request in the open source Subversion project, and we picked up word that there was a good design under review.  We asked one of the committers that works for WANdisco to create a patch that we can regression test and ship with our SVN MultiSite Plus and Access Control Plus products until the design lands in the core project.

Besides letting you define rules with wildcards, Access Control Plus does a couple of other clever things.

  • Let you set a relative priority that impacts the ordering of sections in the AuthZ file.  The order is significant when wildcards are in use as multiple sections may match the same path.
  • Warn you if two rules may conflict because they affect the same path but have a different priority.

acp-wildcard-conflictThis feature will likely be a life saver for Subversion administrators – just contact us and we’ll help you take advantage of it.

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