WANdisco Engineering Offsite 2014

Hello from Belfast!

I’ve been enjoying a quick visit to Belfast this week to participate in WANdisco’s engineering offsite meeting. WANdisco has engineering offices in California, England, Northern Ireland, and India, and it’s really a pleasure to work with great people around the world. Belfast is also a terrific city to visit, with an amazing local food scene and a fun downtown area.

WANdisco is a fast-paced company and it’s always interesting to take a breath and catch up with colleagues that you normally only see on video conferencing. We’ve achieved an amazing amount in the past year, launching two new products (Access Control Plus and Gerrit integration for Git MultiSite) with a few more in various stages of work. Every WANdisco office has people with different viewpoints and skill sets, but keeping the communication channels open requires an investment in keeping in touch. Of course from one perspective it’s really easy: we use our MultiSite products internally, so sharing source code is dead simple…

Anyway, our batteries are recharged, we’ve got a plan for the rest of this year going into 2015, and we’re going to continue to deliver products that solve tough problems and delight our customers. That’s all for now – someone said there were pubs in Ireland, so I’m off to explore!


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