Scalable Social Coding

I’m very pleased to announce that Git MultiSite now formally supports GitLab, a leading on-premise Git collaboration and management suite.  With this and future integrations, Git MultiSite’s promise of a truly distributed Git solution is coming to fruition.

WANdisco first announced Git MultiSite in 2013.  Git MultiSite provides our patented active-active replication for Git, giving you a deployment of fully writable peer nodes instead of a single ‘master’ Git server.  The next step came with Access Control Plus in 2014, which brought Git repositories under a unified security and management umbrella.

And now we’re tackling the final piece of the puzzle.  Those of you active in the Git ecosystem know that most companies deploy Git as part of an integrated repository management solution that also provides social coding and collaboration tools — code review, wikis, and sometimes lightweight issue tracking.

In one sense, Git MultiSite is still a foundational technology that can replicate Git repositories managed by almost any system.  And indeed we do have customers who deployed Git MultiSite with GitLab long before we did any extra work in this area.

The devil is in the details though.  For one thing, some code review systems actually modify a Git repository using non-standard techniques in response to code review activity like approving a merge request.  So we had to make a few under-the-hood modifications to support that workflow.

Perhaps more importantly, Git MultiSite and Access Control Plus provide consistent (and writable) access to repository and access control data at all sites.  But if the collaboration tool is a key part of the workflow, you really need that portal to be available at every node as well.  And we’ve worked hard with the GitLab crew to make that possible.

So what does that all mean?  You get it all:

  • LAN speed access to repositories at every site
  • A built-in HA/DR strategy for zero down time
  • Easy scalability for build automation or a larger user base
  • Fast access to the GitLab UI for code reviews and more at every site
  • Consistent access control at every site
  • All backed by WANdisco’s premier support options

Interested?  I’ll be publishing more details on the integration in the near future.  In the meantime, give us a call and we’ll give you a full briefing.


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