And here’s Gerrit with Git MultiSite!

With the recent announcement of Gerrit support in Git MultiSite, it’s worth taking a step back and looking at Gerrit itself.  Gerrit, just like its logo, is a bit of an odd bird. It has a huge user base and dynamic community including the likes of Google and Qualcomm, yet is little known outside of that community.


Gerrit is one of two known descendants of Mondrian, a code review tool used internally at Google. Mondrian proved very popular and led to Rietveld, an open source code review tool for Subversion and Git, and Gerrit. Gerrit was developed as the code review and workflow solution for the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

In order to support AOSP, Gerrit was designed to be:

  • Scalable. It supports large deployments with thousands of users.
  • Powerful. The workflow engine enforces code review and automated build and test for every commit.
  • Flexible. Gerrit offers a delegated permission model with granular permissions as well as a Prolog interpreter for custom workflows.
  • Secure. Gerrit integrates with enterprise authentication mechanisms including LDAP, Active Directory, and OpenID, and can be served over SSH and HTTPS.

Gerrit offers three key features: repository management, access control, and the code review and workflow engine.

In future articles I’ll dive into more detail on Gerrit’s workflow and other features, but for now, I’ll conclude by talking about why we decided to put MultiSite support behind Gerrit.

Gerrit is a scalable system, but still has a centralized architecture. Out of the box it has a master set of repositories and a simple master-slave replication system. That can lead to challenges in performance and uptime – exactly the problems that WANdisco solves with our patented active-active replication technology. Under Git MultiSite, Gerrit repositories can be replicated to any location for maximum performance, or you can add additional local repositories for load balancing. Access control is enforced with the normal Gerrit permissions, and code review and workflow still route through the Gerrit UI.

Gerrit with Git MultiSite gives you 100% uptime and the best possible performance for users everywhere. More details coming soon!

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