SmartSVN 8.5.5 Available Now

We’re pleased to announce the release of SmartSVN 8.5.5, the popular graphical Subversion (SVN) client for Mac, Windows, and Linux. SmartSVN 8.5.5 is available immediately for download from our website.

This release contains an improvement to the conflict solver along with a few bugfixes – for full details please see the changelog.

Contribute to further enhancements

Many issues resolved in this release were raised by our dedicated SmartSVN forum, so if you’ve got an issue or a request for a new feature, head there and let us know.

Get Started

Haven’t yet started using SmartSVN? Get a free trial of SmartSVN Professional now.

If you have SmartSVN and need to update to SmartSVN 8, you can update directly within the application. Read the Knowledgebase article for further information.

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