Unified Git and Subversion Management

Over the past several years the movement in ALM tools has been away from heavy, inflexible tools towards lighter and more flexible solutions. Developers want and need the freedom to experiment and work quickly without being bound by heavy processes and restrictions.

But, of course, an enterprise still needs some level of management and governance over software development. Now it looks like the pendulum is swinging back towards a useful middle ground – and WANdisco’s new Access Control Plus product strikes that fine balance between flexibility and guidance.

Access Control Plus is flexible because it lets team leaders manage access to their repositories.  Site administrators can set overall policies and make sure that the truly sensitive data stays safe. Access Control Plus provides for any level of delegated team management, letting the team leaders closest to the source code manage their teams and permissions. And with accounts backed by any number of LDAP or Active Directory authorities, the grunt work of account management is automated.

Yet Access Control Plus is still an authoritative resource for security, auditing and reporting. It covers permissions for all of your Subversion and Git repositories at any location. That’s important for a number of reasons:

  • Sanity! You need some form of consistent permission management over your repositories.
  • An audit trail of your inventions. With the new America Invents Act, a comprehensive record of your intellectual property is more important than ever.
  • Regulatory regimes. Whether it’s Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, or PCI, can you prove accurately who was accessing and modifying your IP?  That’s a key concern for compliance officers.
  • DevOps. If you practice configuration as code, then some of your crown jewels are stored in SCM, and need to be managed appropriately.
  • Industry standards. From CMMI to ISO 9000, standard processes and controls are the cost of doing business in certain industries.  Access Control Plus ticks all of the auditing and reporting checkmarks for you.

Combined with SVN MultiSite Plus and Git MultiSite, Access Control Plus is a complete solution for making your valuable digital data highly available and secure. Be proactive – give us a call and figure out how to manage all of your Subversion and Git repositories.


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