More Rebasing in Subversion

Continuing on from a previous post about rebasing in Subversion, let’s look at a more general example of using rebasing to port commits to a new base branch.

In Git we’ll start with this picture.

I have three branches: master, team, and topic. Now I’d like to get the unique commits (to-1, to-2) on the topic branch and get them back to master cleanly, but I don’t want the intermediate work on the team branch (commit te-1).

So I use rebasing to get the diffs between topic and team, and use master as the new base for the rebased topic branch.

That gives me the clean picture above. At this point it would be trivial to do a fast forward merge of topic to master.

Using much the same techniques as I discussed last time, it’s possible to emulate this capability in Subversion. Here’s my starting point.

Again, I want to get the local commits from topic and make them more easily accessible to trunk without running a regular merge, which would have to go through the team branch.  Here’s the recipe.

make branch topic-prime from current head of trunk
run svn mergeinfo to determine the diffs between topic and team (revs eligible for a merge from topic to team)
run a cherry-pick merge (ignoring ancestry) of each of those revs from topic to topic-prime

Using that recipe gives me this picture:

At this point I could continue working on topic-prime or run a relatively simple merge to trunk. I could have also changed my recipe to run the cherry-pick merges directly onto trunk instead of using a new branch.

In any case, the end result is fairly close to what you’d have in Git, although the process of getting there wasn’t as easy (and I still have the original topic branch lying around).

Git has uncovered a lot of useful tools and techniques, and although it takes a bit of extra work, you can emulate some of these in Subversion. Questions? Give me a ping on Twitter or svnforum.

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