Authentication and Authorization – Subversion and Git Live 2014

We’ve switched the format of some of the talks for Subversion and Git Live this year – several will be hands on, giving you the opportunity to test out the subject being discussed rather than just making notes.

One of these talks this year will be delivered by Ben Reser, one of our Subversion committers, on Authentication and Authorization. Ben has been working on Subversion since 2003 and will be discussing:

  • A brief overview of the access control methods Subverison supports.
  • Hands on setting up of a Subversion server with LDAP authentication over HTTP.
  • A look at the performance costs of access control and what you can do to minimize them.
  • How to put your authz configuration file into the repository.

The hands on portion will be covering a hypothetical company as they grow and shift from a very basic setup to a much more complex setup, showing some of the problems they’d have along the way and discussing their reasons for making configuration changes. The company starts off with a single repository with basic authentication (no path based authorization) and ends up with multiple repositories, LDAP and path based authorization. Eventually we’ll even use the new in-repository authz feature added with 1.8. The configuration improvements along the way will show how to ease administrative burden and improve performance.

The goal with this talk is to have you walking away knowing why you configure Subversion the way you do and how you can make things better for your particular setup, rather than just giving you an example authz file and telling you it’s the ‘right’ way to do things.

If that sounds good to you, why not come see us at Subversion and Git Live 2014? There’s more info about the event here:

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