Intro to Gerrit – Subversion and Git Live 2014

You may be aware of Gerrit, the web based code review system. Our Director of Product Marketing, Randy Defauw, has a number of good reasons for adopting it as part of your development process:

The most interesting thing about Gerrit is that it facilitates what some call ‘continuous review’. Code review is often seen as a bottleneck in continuous delivery, but it’s also widely recognized as a way to improve quality. Gerrit resolves this conundrum with innovative features like dynamic review branch creation and the incorporation of continuous build into the heart of the review process.

Gerrit is also notable because it is the most enterprise friendly Git code review system, although it has open source roots. It integrates with all standard authentication frameworks, has delegated permission models, and was designed for large deployments.

Randy is Director of Product Marketing for WANdisco’s ALM products. He focuses on understanding in detail how WANdisco’s products help solve real world problems, and has deep background in development tools and processes. Prior to joining WANdisco he worked in product management, marketing, consulting, and development. He has several years of experience applying Subversion and Git workflows to modern development challenges.

If you’d like to hear more about Gerrit, or Git in general, come see us at Subversion and Git Live 2014.

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