Subversion 1.9 Underway

Subversion 1.9 is already well underway, following up quickly after last year’s impressive 1.8 release. Although the final set of new features may change, there’s one piece of infrastructure work that’s worth highlighting.

A new tunable to control storage compression levels lets you choose a better balance between repository size and server CPU load. Disabling regular compression and deltification will yield a substantial improvement in throughput when adding, committing, and checking out large files.  You can expect to see more numbers at the next Subversion & Git Live conference, but I will mention that commit speed can increase from 30-40 MB/s to 100 MB/s.

Here are a few other tidbits that may interest you:

  • New tool to list and manage cached credentials

  • The ability to commit to a repository while a pack operation is in progress (Goodbye, long maintenance windows!)

  • Infrastructure work is starting for a new storage layer that will reduce repository size and improve performance.

While you’re waiting for Subversion 1.9, now’s a great time to upgrade to Subversion 1.8. You can enjoy many of the benefits just by upgrading the Subversion binaries on your server.

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