SmartSVN 8.5 RC2 Released

We’re happy to say we’ve just released SmartSVN 8.5 Release Candidate 2. SmartSVN is the cross-platform graphical client for Apache Subversion.

Major Improvements

Whilst it may not look different, this release signifies a huge change in that we’ve moved away from SVNkit and SmartSVN now uses JavaHL. This is the same library used by command line Subversion, and has given SmartSVN 8.5 RC2 much improved stability and a huge speed boost. Some comparison tables:

Text files
Jpg files
Operation 7.6.3
time (s)
time (s)
8.5 (JavaHL)
time (s)
time (s)
time (s)
8.5 (JavaHL)
time (s)
Checkout 75.27 81.61 26.22 75.64 81.52 27.69
Add 52.77 131.22 67.37 37.38 72.12 22.22
Revert 36.83 60.02 33.74 33.80 69.67 18.08
Commit 195.15 279.49 75.31 116.07 176.88 40.63
Remove 8.75 1176.24 21.38 5.57 595.71 11.58

We’ve also added support for Subversion 1.8.8 and the file:// protocol for local repository access.

For a full list of all improvements, bug fixes and other changes please take a look at the changelog.

Though this is still a release candidate, given the major improvements to performance we strongly recommend that all customers using SmartSVN version 8 or newer upgrade to this latest RC.

Have your feedback included in a future version of SmartSVN

Many issues resolved in this release were raised via our dedicated SmartSVN forum, so if you’ve got an issue or a request for a new feature, head over there and let us know.

You can download Release Candidate 2 for SmartSVN 8.5 from our early access page.

Haven’t yet started with SmartSVN? Claim your free trial of SmartSVN Professional here.

2 Responses to “SmartSVN 8.5 RC2 Released”

  • Hello,

    First of all great looking improvement, 200-300% wow.

    By the way i would like to ask what 26.22 second and text file means in this context above.

    I mean if i have one file in a local repository it takes about half a minute to chek it out? Sounds terribly slow, but i’m not exactly sure if it means what i think.

    Please explain what it exactly means, how was it calculated or measured, on what system, and so on to provide a useful (and great looking) information.

    Thank you very much.

  • Hi, thanks very much – glad you’re impressed, we certainly were 🙂

    The tests were done on CentOS 6.5, a dual core E5300 processor at 2.6GHz with 4GB Ram.
    All tests were run using a pristine repository.
    Jpg files: 28.3 MB on disk, 7052 items (as reported by the test machine). Distributed as a directory containing another directory, with 150 sub directories, each containing 46 instances of the same 4KB image
    Text files: 27.8 MB on disk, 7031 items (as reported by the test machine). A directory containing 10 sub directories, each of which contains 26 sub directories. 26 plain text files in each of those directories, each file containing 4 text characters.
    The tests were done using the svn:// protocol and the server running on localhost.
    Timings were taken programmatically based on the final button click to start the operation/timer and timings stop when the cancel button (next to the output tab) goes inactive, indicating that the operation is complete.

    Hope that gives you the information you need?

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