Apache Announces Crash Fixes and Performance Improvements for Subversion 1.8.8

Today I’m pleased to announce the release of Subversion 1.8.8 on behalf of the Apache Subversion project. Along with the official Apache Software Foundation source releases, our own fully tested and certified binaries are available from our website.

1.8.8 is a bugfix and security fix release and does not include major new features. 1.8.8 includes following changes:

  • A security fix that prevents Apache httpd from crashing when SVNListParentPath is turned on and certain requests are received. Further details on the issue can be found in the advisory the Apache Subversion project has published.
  • Reduced memory usage in both server implementations during checkout and export operations.
  • Fixed an issue that caused executing a copy of a relocated path to break the working copy.
  • Support verifying SSL server certificates using the Windows CryptoAPI when the certificate has an intermediary certificate between it and the root certificate. This restores the ability to verify certificates automatically as was the case before intermediate certificates became commonly used.
  • Clients receiving redirects from DAV servers can now automatically relocate the working copy even if the working copy is not rooted at the repository root.
  • Improve performance when built with SQLite 3.8 which has a new query planner.
  • Fix errors that occurred when executing a move between an external and the parent working copy.
  • Resolve a performance regression with log when used against old servers with a single revision range.
  • Decrease the disk I/O needed to calculate the differences between 3 files during a merge.
  • Prevent problems with symlinks being checked out on Windows to a NAS that doesn’t support a flush operation.
  • When committing do not change the permissions on files in the working copy.
  • When committing fix an assertion due to pool lifetime issues. This was usually seen by git-svn as an error about a path not being canonical.
  • Fix an error with status that caused failures on some lesser used platforms such as PPC due to a missing sentinel value.
  • When creating a rep-cache.db file in a FSFS repository, use the proper permissions so that it can be used without an admin fixing the permissions.
  • Fix the mod_dav_svn SVNAllowBulkUpdates directive so that it can be changed in different blocks.
  • Fix mod_dav_svn to include properties in the reports when requested by the client, so that the client doesn’t need to request them separately.
  • Fix the help text of svnserve to correctly document the default size of the memory cache. It does not default to 128 MBs in threaded mode, but 16 MBs in all modes.
  • Reduce the size of dump files when the ‘–deltas’ option is used by calculating the delta even when we haven’t stored a delta in the source repository due to the skip delta algorithm.
  • Fixed several build issues when building bindings. Most notably OS X can build the SWIG bindings out of the tarball without regenerating the interfaces.
  • Developers using the Subversion APIs will find numerous documentation fixes and some API changes and should refer to the CHANGES file for details.

For a complete list of new features and fixes, visit the Apache changelogs for Subversion 1.8.

You can download our fully tested, certified binaries for Subversion 1.8.8 here.

Using Subversion on Windows? Download TortoiseSVN 1.8.5 now.

WANdisco’s binaries are a complete, fully-tested version of Subversion based on the most recent stable release, including the latest fixes, and undergo the same rigorous quality assurance process that WANdisco uses for its enterprise products that support the world’s largest Subversion implementations.

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