Subversion and Git Disk Monitoring

Here’s a handy tip for Subversion and Git administrators: use one of WANdisco’s MultiSite products and you’ll automatically receive warnings when you’re running short of disk space on key file systems. If things get really bad, SVN MultiSite Plus or Git MultiSite will shut down activity until more disk space frees up.  Subversion and Git disk monitoring saves you time and money by preventing disk problems from turning into system outages.

By default both MultiSite products will watch a key directory used for new transactions.

I can add other directories, for example to monitor the repository storage area, and I can specify different severity levels based on how much available space is left.


I can also configure email notifications for different types of monitoring events.


Disk monitoring is just another way that SVN MultiSite Plus and Git MultiSite make managing large deployments easier. Start a free trial today and try it for yourself!

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