Advanced Subversion Access Control

Wrapping up a short series on some of the hidden gems of SVN Access Control, let’s take a look at using regular expressions to handle some advanced Subversion access control problems. The example I’ll use today is granting all developers the right to commit into a subdirectory of otherwise restricted branches.

The repository starts with a typical trunk-branches-tags structure, and all of these branches and tags are read-only for most developers, but we’d like to let developers commit their personal configuration and environment settings into a debug folder in each branch.

Managing this problem for one branch is easy: just define a rule that grants read access to the branch and add a second rule that grants write access to the debug folder.

But I don’t want to have to list a write rule for each branch individually; that just doesn’t scale.  Instead I’ll take advantage of SVN Access Control’s regular expressions to handle the job.

RegEx-based Access Control

RegEx-based Access Control

That’s probably the simplest example of using regular expressions to handle non-trivial access control rules. Another common example is restricting write access to build scripts (e.g. makefiles, build.xml, pom.xml).

Whatever your challenge, SVN Access Control gives you the tools for the job. Chat with one of our Subversion experts or start a free trial and see for yourself.



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