Git Document Sharing

If you’re a Git user, you may have heard about SparkleShare, a clever tool that gives you a Dropbox-style interface for document sharing and collaboration backed by Git. Storing your documents in a SCM system like Git gives you strong version management of the documents and the ability to host the Git repository on your own servers, along with easier collaboration between software teams and document writers. The only thing better than Git document sharing is…Git document sharing backed by Git MultiSite!

One of WANdisco’s talented crew in Sheffield ran a proof-of-concept with SparkleShare on two machines, each instance using a different Git MultiSite node as a Git remote. It works as expected, which is no surprise, and Git MultiSite can replicate any Git repository. Setup is simple:

  • Set up two or more Git MultiSite nodes with a replicated repository.

  • Set up SparkleShare on two machines, each using a different Git MultiSite node as a Git remote.

  • Add documents in one SparkleShare folder and see them appear on the other machine.

The process is simple and convenient, and now your SparkleShare folder is backed by a Git repository that enjoys zero down time, LAN speeds at every location, strong security, and all the other benefits of Git MultiSite. That means you can have SparkleShare folders automatically available at remote sites, and use replication groups to figure out where SparkleShare data is replicated.

If you’re looking for a Git document sharing solution that works in the enterprise, this proof-of-concept is a great place to start.


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