Monitoring Subversion and Git Repository Activity

There’s nothing as frustrating as trying to diagnose a slow Subversion or Git repository. You might spend a lot of time digging through logs and system monitoring tools before finally discovering that someone is submitting a 2GB file that needs to transfer from Singapore to Boston. That’s why SVN MultiSite Plus and Git MultiSite give you built-in tools for monitoring repository activity.

In the administration console I can see how many transactions are pending for a particular repository.


Repository Transactions

Repository Transactions

I can also see transactions pending for a particular server.


Transactions per Server

Transactions per Server

In addition to viewing the number of transactions pending for repositories and servers, I can drill down to see more details about the repository events to try and pin down what’s causing a hang-up.

Monitoring a big Subversion or Git deployment is challenging and requires several types of tools, but the quick view of pending transactions gives you a fast sense of whether there are a lot of transactions stacked up waiting to process. To get a sense of typical system load over time, you can always inject these data points into a monitoring tool like Graphite.

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