Challenges of the Git Enterprise Architect, Part 1

This is the first of more than 20 articles, each examining a key challenge facing anyone responsible for deploying Git at scale in their enterprise software development environment.

Part of my role in Product Management is to seek out early adopters of emerging technology and study their process, challenges, and techniques deploying new technology. This helps ensure that we build products that people want to buy. As I wrote in Problem-centric Products, “it’s so important to deeply understand the challenges faced by your customers, and speak to the problems first whenever possible.” By studying a variety of early adopters, patterns start to emerge, and that’s where Product Management’s “ear to the ground” starts to turn information into a product vision.

I also like to share what I’ve learned, so my original “Top Challenges for the Git Enterprise Architect” document was circulated with first, our customers, then as a talk at our Subversion & Git Live 2013 conference in Boston, San Francisco and London, and now as a set of blog articles.

It was a surprise to me that many found my intermediate-level talk: “Git Enterprise Challenges” to be sobering or even frightening.  Perhaps the rose-colored glasses of my optimism cause me to see problems as opportunities, or equally possible, common challenges mean there is a chance to create a product that will benefit many people.

Note that not every development environment will face every one of these challenges, however together they comprise a checklist of issues to consider when adopting Git into your environment.  I’ll drill down into each of these over the next few months, and the result should paint a reasonably complete, if high-level picture.

I should also point out that I don’t address solutions in this series. Our products, Git MultiSite and Git Access Control, are just the first step in a roadmap that eventually visits every challenge. You’ll know that, just as your needs around deploying Git in your enterprise grow, WANdisco’s Git products will grow with you.

As a side note, WANdisco is now a general SCM expert, with deep knowledge for deploying and supporting leading tools like Git and Subversion, as well as advice and professional services for migrating from legacy tools like ClearCase, CVS, TFS, Perforce, and others.

And without further ado, here are the topics I’ll be covering:

Managing many repos, Access control, Multi-repo codebases, Ever growing repos, Large binaries, Shared code, Large repos, Long clone times, Supporting add-ons, Splitting repos, Combining repos, IP protection, IP reuse, Contaminating licenses, Code refactoring, Multi-site, Scaling myth of dictator-lieutenant, Untracked rename, Supporting a successor to Git, Untracked rebase, Permanent file removal, Excessive cloning

If there are any additional topics you want to see covered, please leave a comment and I’ll try to address it.  

Tune in soon for “Managing Many Repos”.

2 Responses to “Challenges of the Git Enterprise Architect, Part 1”

  • Any update on this series? I’m looking for a definitive guide to the challenges of adopting Git at the enterprise level and your series looked very interesting. Thanks.

  • I wanted to wait until we announced our Access Control Plus product for Subversion and Git before publishing the second in the series on Git Access Control, so now coming soon! Thanks for your interest.

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