Reporting on Subversion & Git Live 2013

We’re two-thirds of the way through Subversion & Git Live 2013, and I’d like to share a few observations before we take the show to London next week.

For this year’s conference, we also offered a Git track for the first time to go along with WANdisco’s enterprise Git products, services and support.  This proved quite popular, with good attendance at all sessions.  The response to the talks and the questions asked gave a good indication of enterprise software development’s nascent progress with adoption of Git.  In contrast, the Subversion sessions tended to be more closely focused around specific and deeper technical material, representing Subversion’s role as SCM workhorse for the enterprise, and Git as the new kid on the block.

That said, there were also some companies with years of experience supporting Git deployments involving thousands of users and tens of thousands of shared repositories.  The majority of attendees were in earlier stages of Git enterprise adoption, either with relatively few users or in initial evaluations.

Many found my intermediate-level talk: “Git Enterprise Challenges” to be sobering or even frightening. It was certainly not intended that way, but I can understand that reaction; Git poses yet unanswered questions for enterprise scale deployments. WANdisco is addressing a number of these with our Git MultiSite and Git Access Control products.

Although most of the sessions focused on either Git or Subversion topics, the reality is virtually every SCM administrator we talked to is seeing or thinking about supporting both Subversion and Git, along with a variety of legacy SCM systems throughout their organizations. Clearly, Subversion and Git will be co-deployed or in hybrid configurations for a long time to come.

There were so many interesting discussions; I’ll touch on a few topics in each article over the next few weeks. If there are any follow up questions on your mind, please leave them in the comments below and/or come see us in London on the 16th.

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