Delegated Subversion Access Control

Managing Subversion access control for a small team is fairly simple, but if your team is growing to several hundred developers, you don’t want to get a phone call whenever a new developer joins the team or someone needs a different access level. Delegated Subversion access control is what you need, and WANdisco’s SVN Access Control product uses the concept of team owners and sub-teams to get you there.

As a simple example, let’s say that we want all developers to have read access to the web-ui project. A subset of developers will have also have write access to the trunk, and as the Subversion administrators we don’t want to decide which developers belong in each group. Using SVN Access Control, administrators can delegate that responsibility to the team leads while still being able to audit what’s happening.

In SVN Access Control we simply define a group called web-ui-devs and a subgroup called web-ui-committers. Next we set the permissions appropriately on the group and subgroup, and each is assigned an an owner who can then manage membership.

Simple enough! SVN Access Control also allows a subgroup to have subgroups of its own, so you can set up a structure as deep as necessary to model your permissions and rules.

If you’d like more information on how to use SVN Access Control to solve your Subversion management challenges, contact our team of Subversion experts for advice. If you’re not yet enjoying the power of SVN Access Control, you can start a free trial.


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