Certified Git 1.8.4 Binaries Available

Git 1.8.4 (released on August 23rd) contains a nice collection of improvements and bug fixes.  Best of all, there’s no need to wait for an updated package or rebuild from source.  WANdisco has just released certified Git 1.8.4 binaries for all major platforms.

Here’s a list of key improvements:

  • Support for Cygwin 1.7
  • An update for git-gui
  • More flexible rebasing options allow you to select rebase strategy and automatically stash local changes before rebase begins
  • A contrib script that mines git blame output to show you who else might be interested in a commit
  • Improvements to submodule support, including the ability to run git submodule update from the submodule directory and the option to run a custom command after an update
  • A performance improvement when fetching between repositories with many refs

Of course, WANdisco offers Git training and consulting to help you get the most out of your Git deployments.  Grab Git 1.8.4 and start taking advantage of those new features!

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