SmartSVN 8 Preview 1 Released

Yesterday we released SmartSVN 8, Preview 1. SmartSVN is the cross-platform graphical client for Apache Subversion.

New SmartSVN 8 features include:

  • Support for Subversion 1.8 working copy
  • Ability to specify different merge tools for different file patterns as conflict solvers

SmartSVN 8 fixes include:

  • Possible internal error closing a project window
  • Text editors:
    • “Autoindent new lines” did not work correctly when typing, e.g. CJK characters using an IME
    • Internal error related to syntax highlighting when using an IME

For a full list of all improvements and bug fixes, view the changelog.

Have your feedback included in a future version of SmartSVN

Many issues resolved in this release were raised via our dedicated SmartSVN forum, so if you’ve got an issue or a request for a new feature, head over there and let us know.

You can download Preview 1 for SmartSVN 8 from our early access page.

Haven’t yet started with SmartSVN? Claim your free trial of SmartSVN Professional here.

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