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Last week, our Non-Stop NameNode received a lot of attention. First of all, we announced the next version of Non-Stop NameNode WAN Edition, which includes:

• Dynamic Group Evolution – This provides the ability to add and remove namenodes within Hadoop clusters on the fly without downtime, eliminating the need for scheduled maintenance.
• Configurable Quorum Schema – New node configurations enable increased availability and deployment flexibility for more efficient use of IT infrastructure.
• Rapid recovery for a namenode that has been down for an extended period of time.

In addition, Non-Stop NameNode received integration and interoperability certification with Dell PowerEdge servers. Customers can now deploy Apache Hadoop in mission-critical environments where processing and access to data requires continuous availability, as opposed to relying on active-passive solutions.

Non-Stop NameNode WAN Edition applies WANdisco’s patented replication technology to deliver 100% uptime by eliminating Hadoop’s most problematic single point of failure — the NameNode — providing the first and only continuous availability solution for globally distributed deployments. With it, all NameNode servers in a Hadoop cluster deployed over a WAN actively support clients at each location and along with the data nodes, are continuously synchronized. The result is LAN-speed performance and access to the same data at every location. Failover and recovery are automatic both within and across data centers. Whether a single NameNode or an entire site goes down, Hadoop is always available.

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