SmartSVN 7.6 – It’s All About Performance

We’re pleased to announce SmartSVN 7.6 is now available to download. SmartSVN is the cross-platform graphical client for Apache Subversion.

The focus with 7.6 has been performance, performance and more performance. Responding to customer feedback, we’ve worked to make 7.6 faster and lighter than its predecessors.

New SmartSVN 7.6 features include:

– Auto-update – there is no need to install new versions manually

– Repository Browser – defined svn:externals are shown as own entries

– proxy auto-detection

– external tools menu

– OS X retina support

– Project data is saved on project creation rather than when exiting

GUI improvements include:

– file/directory input fields – support for ~ on unix-like operating systems

– natural sorting (“foo-9.txt” before “foo-10.txt”)

– more readable colors on Transactions and other panes

SmartSVN 7.6 fixes include:

– speed-search – possible internal error typing Chinese characters

– Revision Graph – errors when deselecting all branches

– Tag Browser – possible internal error

– SVN operations – significant performance improvements

– Check Out – checking out to an already versioned directory appeared to work, then failed later

– Refresh – possible performance problems and a fix for displaying conflicts at drive root

– Issues with migrating settings and auth credentials from pre-7.5 versions

– Foundation edition: changing the project root was not possible

For a full list of all improvements and bug fixes, view the changelog

Contribute to Future Releases

Many features and enhancements in this release were due to comments made by users in our dedicated SmartSVN forum, so if you’ve got an issue, or a request for a new feature, head over there and let us know.

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