Five Things to Avoid in your Enterprise Git Solution

Are you a Git administrator considering a new enterprise Git solution? To help you along the decision path, here are five things to avoid when choosing your Git solution.

No plan for data and business continuity

The data you keep in Git is critical to the successful operation of your business. It has to be secure and highly available. When evaluating a Git solution, if it doesn’t provide excellent protection against hardware failures and other disasters, look elsewhere.

No growth path

Successful companies grow rapidly. Within a year, the size of your team could double thanks to growth and acquisition, and new challenges such as a partnership with a company overseas demand flexibility from your infrastructure. Your Git solution should help you scale to meet these challenges, not make you design your own replication system.

It’s not really Git

Avoid any Git solution that doesn’t use plain old Git repositories under the hood. Otherwise you may end up tied into a proprietary framework, missing out on the tremendous portability that Git offers. Data translation is a necessary evil during migration – not something you should do on a daily basis.

Narrow field of vision

Keeping track of the tens and hundreds of Git repositories you maintain on several servers in multiple locations is a challenge. You want a solution that allows you to see the whole deployment at a glance, rather than one piece at a time. Can you see whether the repositories in your satellite office are up and performing well without calling someone there?

They don’t know Git

When you purchase a Git solution, you want a vendor that will stand behind it and help you get the most out of Git. Do they offer Git support and services? If you can’t pick up the phone and talk to an expert who knows more about Git than you do, what are you paying for?

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